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Zayn Malik Speaks Out On Quitting One Direction


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  • Jennifer Riise

    Please directioners don’t kill yourself or harm yourself in any way. Zayn
    will only feel bad, in the first 3 hours 107 people killed themself. If 107
    people would take suicide because of you, how would you feel? Please he’s
    not dead. Just think that atleast he didn’t leave like Robbie Williams..

  • Lunalee Chan

    I think it was better for him to leave, I love Zayn and I want him happy,
    the most importa t thing here are the boys as long as they are okay, thae
    fans can deal. I don’t think he let us down, I think he would have let us
    down if he did something stupid, that doesn’t mean that I don’t break out
    crying every time I see a picture, or hear his voice, as many other one
    direction fans but I’ll deal with it because Zayn deserves to be happy, he
    made us happy fo 4 years, now it is his turn

  • megan jenkins

    I hope you realise that there are actually people killing themselves over
    this:/ suicide isn’t a joke and it shouldn’t by any means be laughed at.

  • Loves One-Direction

    Even though I respect what his decision is this is tough for me
    I think he made the wrong chose
    I love one direction and I will always be a directioner even though he is
    But it does not look right without him 

  • Kill _ZONE

    I feel so bad for Directioners. It’s going to take a long time to get over
    with Zayn leaving the band. I’m so sorry guys :(

  • kate mcgreal

    That last vine of the girl pretending to hang herself is absolutely
    disgusting people shouldn’t make light of them kind of things it’s serious
    and not at all entertaining which is what that app is ment for 

  • yessenia ramirez

    To be honest, he is the hottest in the band, just saying. Anyways, he can
    do whatever the heck he wants! He at least stayed for a long time for the
    fans and he just couldn’t anymore. Let him be. 

  • Prudence Sithole

    It sucks big time to go to a 1D concert and one of them is not there, The
    very first time that they come to South Africa and Zayn isn’t here with us
    🙁 but I support his decision and I just wanted to say that we all love you
    Zayn and even if it takes some time we will learn to accept it.

  • swexxy101

    I completely support Zayn. He’s trying to make HIS OWN CAREER!! I’m pretty
    sure that the other guys will be just fine with Zayn leaving the band. But
    I also think Zayn will NOT be going back to one direction.

  • Jinx Minx

    Are people really this fucking stupid cutting yourself or killing yourself
    over one person who odds are you don’t even know like you think you do. Do
    you know your hurting many more people then just yourself like the ones who
    love and care for you and let’s say zayen does care about all this your
    only hurting him as well now he has to deal with the fact a choice he made
    for himself is now causing the fans he loved and cared about to harm
    themselves or kill themselves just because he wanted to go his own way in
    life do you know how selfish that is of you to do that to him and try to
    force him back into doing something he does not want to do anymore. I am
    not a one direction fan never have been my 12 year old little sister is
    though and when she found out she was sad but she got over it in the next 5
    minutes cause zayen would still probably be around to make music and she
    understood its his life he can do what he wants. I really don’t care if the
    band ends or not its just the fact people are going this far because of it
    I can understand the crying videos and things like in would cry to if my
    favorite metal band broke up but never would I want to hurt myself over it
    instead be the fan they need support there choices aslong as they ain’t
    dumb ones be there for them and still cheer em on even if they choose to do
    something else but pleas don’t be stupid and hurt yourself over them or
    kill yourself your doing it for a band when someone else has done it
    because they thought it was there way to escape a bad life its never the
    option so pleas don’t 

  • Fitri Syapri

    She killed herself for a boyband..what wrong with her..shit..he just
    leaving 1D he not dead..please think before you do anything stupid..think
    about your parent that love you..

  • Savannah Smith

    I am here still because I know Luke and calum wouldn’t be happy again if I
    left but niall told me to stay strong and I’m getting stronger each day but
    I’m still weak so I’m staying as long as I can so the guys know I’m still
    here supporting them and I’m not leavening until I’m told to leave