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Zayn Malik SPEAKS OUT After Quitting One Direction


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  • Hotel California is beautiful

    Lol, girls acting like dumbfucks thinking that one direction were singing
    about them. I hope this band completely breaks up.

  • judianjudybaby

    150 people died on a plane crash in Germany but people are planing to
    commit suicide because this dickhead left one direction.

    This world is fuck up seriously… 

  • Hannah S

    And zayn is I think with modest management and Harry and Louis are gay no
    joke they were together but modest said they couldn’t and that’s that and I
    know it’s true this blog blind gossip I read is 90 present of the time is
    right not kiding mom reads it and it’s there then at least a week later
    it’s evreywere

  • Julia L.

    I can understand that Directioners are going through a hard time and I
    respect that <3 But the fact that 2,000 people committed suicide because of
    this is ridiculous 

  • sammie_xo

    I heard that like 2,000 people committed suicide and tons more are self
    harming, all because Zayn left One Direction?! I mean how retarded do you
    have to be……?

  • monsieur F

    if u guys really love him personally, just give him a massive support over
    his decision instead of hurting or harming yourselves, those kind of
    reaction would just make him fell worse and guilty, he definitely doesnt
    want this (self-harming) happened 😀 , he is grown up and totally realize
    what he did and decided, believe that everything happens for A REASON guys,
    keep supporting zayn and loving him as always tahts all he needs right now
    I assume 😀
    we may see him always put a beautiful smile on his face when he was on
    stages,but every artist does it but we never know what is inside their
    heart, zayn may be struggling over something really hard and devastating
    for him, I mean who knows ? stop making a childish or selfish reaction (so
    sorry to say it childish and selfish) like zayn had to stay in aband or
    something like ‘ dont leave nor quit the band’ the thing is its his life
    not ours, and all we need to do as his fans ae support support support and
    believe in him 😀 love you guys

  • ashley kelly

    All of you “fans” bringing up wanting to be a normal 22 year old make no
    sense, being normal doesn’t mean you can’t make music, millions of people
    all around the world make music, The people who run one direction gave them
    no proper breaks for 5 years straight, i highly doubt he left bc he didn’t
    want to make music anymore, he most likely left so he can enjoy making
    music on his own time and not be rushed and forced to do things with no
    time off.. Now that he’s off he can make music when he wants to, and
    actually have time to live his life instead of being forced to do MASSIVE
    world wide tours every single year for 5 years straight.

  • Sandra Pereira

    i felt really sad the last 2 days but i understand him now and i will stick
    with this boyband even when there’s only niall left..with his guitar in an
    irish bar. i’ll be there for them and support them as i always did.

  • Sara Alsaleh

    i’m sorry but whoever committed suicide was already suicidal and depressed
    ! you can’t blame this on one individual that made a decision to better
    himself ! Zayn we wish you the BEST of luck with whatever you do next in
    life <3 you have our unconditional support 😀 <3

  • Counting321D

    Good cause if it was an early April fools day joke but if it was it
    wouldn’t be funny cause all us fans were crying and they put us through all
    of that pressure

  • Nathaly Trinidad

    I would be lieing if I said im not mad.So im going to say what I think.How
    come he is pretty much saying all this fame and money comeing doesnt seem
    real anymore but he is saying he might sart a solo carrier?At the end I
    love Zayn and I will alays support him but I really hope he cmes back.

  • Giovannia Barbosa

    I honestly don’t really know what to say about so many people that comitted
    suicide… or if that is actually factual. It is a big thing for you to do
    for a band… but HEY I don’t know how much they meant to them so i cant
    really say anything… I will say that there are some fans who are a little
    crazy but it doesn’t apply to all fans, really. I’m not a directioner but I
    sorta get it… I get why people get so sad about it. And it is okay for
    you to cry or in extreme cases it can make someone self harm. Why? Well i
    think it is a feeling of “the end” that fans feel and also seeing that
    their source of happiness and years of dedication is over… I mean you
    won’t come home to see them do more funny interviews and it will now just
    be a product of your past but even if people tell you “hey then just go
    watch their old videos” it should hurt even more because it reminds you of
    those good times…
    Have you ever worked so hard and dedicated so much time on it only to be
    ruined… like writing a long essay and forgetting to press save.. thats
    what it feels like… years of admiring and dedication all over… And for
    some people it was their only source of happiness. It being all over they
    feel alone and depressed.
    All im trying to say is that we shouldn’t be mocking and calling fans crazy
    and twisted… how is that even helping?
    Just have a little respect geez… if the band never mattered to you then
    just say that it never mattered to you and leave… no need to constantly
    bash over these fans.
    Just be respectful… geez

  • Sage Salvatore

    DAMMIT…..excuse my cussing…I am just fed up with ppl harming themselves
    and commitng suicide. I mean ppl with cancer and leukemia dnt get to have
    the life u do so y waste it and fix it instead…

  • cαrrie2709

    I’m sad bc of all the death and self harm this has created, but tbh 1D fans
    are out of their fucking minds. 

  • adzhar abdula

    zayn pleeeeeeeeease come back the world is mourning without you….all the
    fans of one direction is so sad…..i hope u will change ur

  • Layla Allen

    I cryed for a long time but now I think we should be happy because its not
    the end of the world and Zayn will be fine and the rest of the boys will be

  • Madi Grogan

    tbh guys i love and support zayn with everything but honestly we need to
    support him he’s doing now what he loves. but what doesn’t make sense to
    me is why wasn’t he happy, like what was it. he said he wasn’t happy doing
    it for a long time but why???????

  • sizzleyou

    I swear to God fangirls these days are fucking insane!Those who are
    trending #Cut4zayn seriously need to re-evaluate their lives, reflect on
    their mental stability and get help.There were boybands and girlbands back
    in the days who were much bigger and well known than 1D and after they
    broke up,fans were devastated but we were mature to know that life has to
    go on and they’re just celebrities who provide entertainment and make a
    living out of it.It’s so dumb that girls actually commented that they wanna
    die because of such trivial matter.For all you know,you crazy bitches may
    have been the main reason why he quit in the first place!

  • Donna Harris

    I miss Zayn and omg if they all brake up i’m just gonna cry all day and i
    will miss Harry to bits omg i miss Zayn i’m crying right now :'(

  • Nichole Taylor

    I fully support and love Zayn no matter what, but at the same time it hurts
    when he says he’s been unhappy for so long… Like where we that terrible
    that you had to fake it? Thanks…. An he’s never going to have a normal
    life! And if he’s going from a band to a solo artist that still means your

  • KellO0ow

    I always knew he’d be the first one to quit! He’d always seem less into it
    than the other guys in my opinion.

  • Emmajane Farrell

    I don’t care what anyone says there is definitely more to this, he threw
    shade at management all over this interview. I’d be pissed if I bought a
    ticket only to find out he went solo…

  • Savoytruffle

    Now all the fangirls out there need to calm the fuck down. No need to
    endanger yourself, express yourself very well behaved stupidly! What is the
    purpose of cutting yourself just because he left his group. The man had
    already made his decision, you just have to respect his decision if you’re
    a fan of him. In addition, 1D is the worst band on the planet

  • XurBot

    Didn’t he leave because he wanted to be a regular 22 year old, how is
    starting your own solo project normal with your fan base….