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Zayn Malik QUITS One Direction! Official Announcement!


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  • the awesome channel 27

    I’m devastated by this news, but I wish Zayn the best. After all, being a
    Directioner is about putting the boys before yourself, so I support him
    with a heavy heart. 

  • Claudia Lew

    Really! Zayn now will not get peace and not be a normal 22 year old. For
    the next weeks his twitter will blow up with tweets saying “no Zayn
    WHY???!!?!? and stuff. Talk about a normal life….. I’m not a hater for 1D
    but lets be real here. Things do change. Why do you think they called their
    album “four”? Common sense. Also a note for those FANS you guys are being
    really rude and disrespectful of his decision. You guys should be
    supporting him and not putting him down. Believe or not hes a human too not
    just a famous person who yall think his life is perfect. He got stressful
    moments and problems too like every other human being. What great fans yall
    are putting him down. Besides people do change and move on with a new life
    plan and another direction. Its not like the band will be forever going on.
    So what im trying to say for the fans is to respect him and his new life
    decision and continue loving the 4 guys that are left in the band. Its not
    like the whole band fell apart. That’s all am trying to say and good luck
    with your new life Zayn

  • χχєℓℓαχχ

    Well, all the boys deserve to be a “normal” 22/21 year old. After the fifth
    album I think they should get a break from all this B.S and just try to
    live their lives.

  • mialolm

    I guess Zayn Malik Changed Direction…… Ok on a serious note, after that
    fifth album they’ll probably split up and Harry will go solo.

  • Madison Ovian

    Zayn is really good a singing and art and he is so creative I love you so
    much Zayn Malik and I will always love you and miss you and I love you one
    direction I love you Niall Liam Louis and Harry I love you 

  • shahnaj begum

    My room is a puddle of tears right now omg I did not see this coming
    directioners lets just stick together we still have to be proud of what he
    did for us hope you feel better Zayn love you and can’t wait to see what
    the rest of them have in store for us love them to death anyways I’m going
    to eat away my feelings now

  • Ma lighT

    im not a directioner,but this is so fucking sad,i can’t believe he’s
    leaving,he’s my fav member of the band,and it’s even more sad how some
    people are trying to find out and investigating the reason he left,im just
    a fan,and im feeling so sad,how would the diretioners feel,and the other
    members of the band? OMG 🙁 stay strong everyone,love u ZAYN! <3

  • lukeqin90

    To all of my fellow men who think One Direction was just another
    manufactured band created for teenage girls, I can assure that we were all
    wrong about them. They are very talented group of individuals and won the
    love of many fans across the world. Sure, they first came off to be another
    boy band singing about teen love, but if you have taken the time to listen
    to their latest albums, you would see that they have matured far from that.
    The reason why some many people both male and female connect them is
    because despite how famous they’ve become, they still are down to earth
    guys who not have forgotten their humble backgrounds whether it was being
    the kid who was bullied at school, the kid who had to work full time in a
    bakery shop while being a full-time student, or the kid who was constantly
    being ostracized because of his Pakistani heritage. They all came from
    working-class families and they don’t let fame get into their heads like
    many of our young American pop artists. On top of that, they are still
    adolescent boys who face the same insecurities as we do as men.

    Please do not ridicule the women and girls who feel saddened by Zayn’s
    departure. Each member of the band contributed an irreplaceable quality to
    the brand, and it really isn’t the same without one of them. One Direction
    is not the trash group the media portrayed them to be, and it is my wish
    that men across the world see that they aren’t just another ‘boy band’.
    Keep and open mind, you’ll live longer.

  • That Is My Prerogative

    He was the only reason I thought One Direction were decent. He was the best
    looking, best singer and represented ethnic minority in the group. I think
    they will struggle as four. They’re just like every other boyband now!

  • Kiara James

    Zayn has always been my favorite member of the band.. My life is over, my
    soul hurts, I think I’m going to go and cry myself to permanent sleep

  • Bee The Music

    i hate One Direction but im pretty sure he was the only one that could
    actually sing. Its not a big deal guys…its not like when MCR broke up XD