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  • Luca Graveland

    Pain is the only feeling I feel. Sadness u the only emotion that I have,
    confusion is the only thing that’s going on in my head and darkness is the
    only thing I see.

    but: There’s always hope. Hope never dies.

    Directioners, ‘we will find our way through the dark.’

  • Chloe G

    Alot of ppl on google+ and such are posting pics of them cutting their arm
    and saying that they love zayn and the post says #cut4zayn and im like

  • Nataliya Davis

    all these directoners need to keep calm…the band will still go on..and
    its not like you all don’t have all the massive piles of shirts albums and
    wallpapers to remember him by..

  • Travis Brimstone

    1D is garbage. Based on him wearing a misfits shirt he probably hates the
    fucking kpop shit band and wanted to be separated from that garbage music.
    Good for him. If only the rest of them were so smart.

  • Ricky-Ann Lynch

    Ummm Zayn the sad truth is you are never gonna be a normal 22 year old
    maybe you’ll be a normal 44 year old but once you come into fame there’s no
    going back especially with a face like yours.We’re gonna stalk you
    anyway…sad but true

  • KayleyEliza

    I was not ready for this. And for people mocking us for being upset and
    saying that someday we will grow up and actually experience something hard
    and realize how stupid we were being over this?–I’ve BEEN through hard
    things and extremely painful things. That is kind of the point, because
    through all of those things for the last several years, One Direction has
    been a constant source of happiness for me. It’s cheesy as hell, but I’d
    listen to their music and it distracted me and made me feel better. They
    gave me something to think about when everything else was too painful, so
    quit being so judgmental. The is the end of an era for us, and so to those
    who want to judge–why do you care anyway? Let us grieve and you can go
    about your day because this honestly doesn’t change anything really unless
    you were part of our fandom. Again–this is cheesy as hell–but we are
    like a family, so if this hurts for us, then we’re allowed to be upset.

  • Katherine Coffey

    no offence 2 1 directioners but……. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE AND!! AFTER THE

  • Ma lighT

    im not a directioner,but this is so fucking sad,i can’t believe he’s
    leaving,he’s my fav member of the band,and it’s even more sad how some
    people are trying to find out and investigating the reason he left,im just
    a fan,and im feeling so sad,how would the diretioners feel,and the other
    members of the band? OMG 🙁 stay strong everyone,love u ZAYN! <3

  • tehjya joshi

    The day that all directioners thought it wont happen.Its just very hard to
    accept One Direction without all of them,Its just not One Direction without
    Zayn Malik.I have been liking them since the X-Factor days,watching them
    sing together,play together,making albums together going on world tours
    together it was just like a dream and now without all five of them its just
    not the same anymore.We also dont blame Zayn for what he has choosen but
    definetly we are all going to miss him so badly. 1D is just not complete
    without him and he can never be replaced. ‪#‎WEALLWILLMISSYOUZAYN‬

  • Jenna B

    Wow. Bring out all the tissues. Take a day off school. Eat ice-cream and
    re-watch their movie…
    Not a massive deal though is it? Danny left Asking Alexandria and I didn’t
    have a breakdown

  • Tutla Ayuhanna

    I’m really sad about this, but I try to respect his decision. we should all
    do because we should be happy if he’s happy. this is not about Zayn leaving
    One Direction. I’m so worried about not being able to listen to his voice,
    his high notes, his falsetto, his songs anymore. that’s the worst thing
    ever. I love 1D because of him. I love listening to 1D albums because he
    sang on it. then what now? I know he leaves to be a normal person, but can
    he please dont stop singing? that would be really bad for me

  • Bonnie Chun

    oh you people so over dramatic. LOL
    i’m a one-d fan and also a huge kpop fan.
    The thing about this, is that ya’ll had some sort of “heads up” or
    “warning”… with cases like TVXQ, SNSD, EXO, and SuJu; we had NO heads up.

    i feel for ya’ll directioners though /:
    i was so heartbroken when TVXQ split…. 

  • conspiracyman 70

    Who Gives a fuck one Down four more to go please and do is all a favour
    sick to Death of these overrated talentless wankers 

  • namrata magar

    I don’t think its gonna be the same without zayn but I’m gonna support both
    if them I’ll be a fan till my last breath. They’ve done too much for me. I
    just can’t leave them just like that :'(

  • Janae Bursey

    As much as I can’t fucking STAND One Direction and Directioners at all, I
    have to say that I feel pretty bad for y’all. It’s like if I learned that
    Drake or Nicki Minaj was gonna stop rapping.

  • MalachiOnline69

    If you cut for Zayn you’re one of those people who are the reason this
    generation sucks , the fact that your parents ain’t telling you to cut that
    shit out is amazing.