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Zayn Leaves One Direction – Iggy Azalea Gets A Boob Job (DHR)


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  • Jolene Yohannan

    she should open up about her fake ass. when you look at the before and
    after picures it’s clear. I do squats but I will never get that ass. sad
    but true.

  • nicky nm

    *you shouldn’t quit your career for girl because girls come and go but a
    job opportunity like that rarely passes anyone’s way besides what kind of
    girl makes their boyfriend choose between his extremely successful career
    or her and yes I know love is more important than money but if it wasn’t
    for his spot in one direction they probably would have never met so… :/
    it would be kindov sad if despite all his effort to keep his relationship
    together they still breakup just saying btw I’m not a directioner*

  • Elise Christen

    I think Charles was jealous of Ali and her friendship with all of the liars
    so he killed her and was the one who was A the whole time. 

  • Valentina Arreola

    Hey clever news! Both of you lovely ladies are beautiful as always. I was
    wondering if guys can give some info about the movie “Unfriend”, and if it
    is about Amanda Todd? 

  • Elizabeth Locke

    Ugh!!! So upset about Zayn leaving… First of all, all of those millions
    of people that spent hundreds of dollars to go to a concert this year to
    see them… some that have prolly never seen them before… and they’re
    getting completely ripped off!!! I know it’s a long time but, he could at
    least finish the tour. Second of all, I’m sorry, I love 1D and I love all
    the guys but the group just won’t be the same without Zayn =/ I was at City
    Walk when Zayn was a no show and while it was amazing to see them, they
    just didn’t sound the same. Liam sang most of his parts and it just wasn’t
    the same =( Zayn has an amazing voice and talent that can’t be replaced by
    any of the remaining guys. It just really sucks… I’m super bummed. 

  • Staying_Strong99

    I don’t think Perrie had anything to do with it… she’s in a band too. Plus
    they’ve been together this long and Zayn’s professional life hasn’t been
    much of a problem all this time.

    If you watch interviews, you can see how different Zayn is. All the boys
    have just been going and going for the last few years. Touring, recording,
    touring, recording. They all need some time off.

    At the end of the day, it’s Zayn’s health and happiness that matters most
    and as long as he’s happy the fans should support his decisions.

    Oh and much love to Iggy! I admire her honesty and her thoughtfulness
    towards her fans! She still supports self confidence and positive body
    image and I think she’s a great artist too. 

  • afra sultan

    i am a huge directioner but zayn leaving was my life ruined zayn was my fav
    why did he leave please come back ily

  • Amina Ali

    Zayn leaving is not for perrie that’s fucking stupid! She’s in a band too &
    she understands him, it’s about him as a person he’s not a fan of all the
    attention & most of the cruel comments & opinions about his private life is
    mostly made by the fans. 95% of the world is islamaphoic he even stopped
    tweeting about anything related to his religion, I can understand exactly
    how he feels and the bullying made his dream a nightmare to him I’m so
    proud that he chose his happiness for once & if any girl says that she
    loves zayn she would understand & support him, he’s not going solo this
    life is just not for him, & I still have hope he’ll get back.

  • Kreek Copher

    I honestly dont care if Iggy writes her own lyrics or not i think she is
    AMAZING!!! her lyrics are gooood so to me it doesnt really matter. [like if
    you agree]

  • emmaplays

    IT is probobly a good idéa, he can clear his head and if he is happy i am
    happy. But even if you are sad the other boys are left and them are so
    Cute! #sadday41D

  • Emma JCD

    I love DHR it gives me all the gossip and I’m new to this channel so what I
    do in my spare time is watch ur old videos to catch up u guys help me to
    get conversation started the only down side is the time difference so I
    wake up early to watch ur vids sorry it’s so long 

  • Mike Sheerin

    How could you say no one is like Iggy Azalea it doesn’t matter if you’re
    white or black we all agree that Iggy is trash

  • jasmine martich

    can’t believe zayn left 🙁 and it will be hard for 1D to continue without
    him since he was the best or atleast one of the best

  • Jeremiah Elijah

    The cries of One Direction fangirls across the world ring in my ears…
    Wonder what it would sound like if the whole group disbanded?

  • Ade Prasetyo

    I learn a lot of vocabulary from DHR (FYI, I am learning English as a
    foreign language in my country, and this program helps me a lot). Well,
    thanks DHR. 

  • Deja Lane

    It doesnt matyer of an artist doesnt write their on lyrics honestly. I know
    I can’t write even a simple poem but I want to sing one day. Plus in the
    end, they delivered it.

  • Ali Tran

    I know Zayn leaving is devastating but you have to respect his decisions.
    I’m sure he doesn’t want his fans hurting themselves.
    I heard a girl killed her dogs for Zayn wtf

  • Barbie Ann

    Don’t be mad OneD fans. And get over it. Us EXO fans are dealing with two
    memeber leaving. Sones lost Jessica. Snsd will never be the same. We have
    to deal with it. So get over it. 😛 Also people check out EXO’s new song
    Call me Baby. :)))) 

  • mssandi10

    i have been so busy at work trying to meet a deadline, i have been MIA
    clevver you give me life, ( or your just a distraction) lol

  • Sacred Simplicity

    lmao i hate perrie….. i hope zayn returns back to the band soon or maybe
    go solo once he feels like going back to the music industry.


    Who cares about Zayn tbh.
    The band was bound to lost members anyways.


  • EliteBadFrog

    What if Louis would leave 1D instead of Zayn? I dont think people would
    care that much lol, nobody really cares about him tbh xd

  • Adriana Garza

    Love how they will defend iggy no matter what. She’s not unique like most
    artists. She has people write a big portion of her music. She enhances her
    appearance & honestly celebrities are some of the fakest people out there 

  • Black Canary

    Lmao Iggy decided not to hide the boob job anymore because no one fucking
    noticed it so she had to bring it up herself.

  • Laura

    He left because of stress etc … right ?

    But no matter what he does he will still have fans tho he can’t go out and
    just walk down to tesco without getting hit harder than a tsunami by fans
    and the papz , his ‘normal’ life ended when him and the other members were
    1st put together in xfactor UK … 

  • Taylor JordynXo

    Im not even a directioner but he was my favorite. Mostly because he was the
    best looking. Dark features ☺️

  • Rafiqul Sharif



    Anyone see this?

    And I clicked this video hoping the news is that Iggy is back on social

  • kim apoyon

    Erin you literally read my mind on why Zayn probably left. I also think
    it’s to save his relationship with Perrie. But good luck to him and hope
    all goes well!