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Who Is Charles DiLaurentis? 4 “Pretty Little Liars” A Theories – Season 5 Finale


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  • Just Chilin

    I knew mona wasn’t really dead, also wren cant be Charles so he cat be A,
    cuz he was romantically involved with spencer and Melissa, and if Charles
    is Jason’s twin. it would make him their half brother so it would’ve been
    incest. same goes to Andrew cuz didn’t he also hav a little fling w spencer?
    also if Mrs. D kept in touch w Charles she would hav recognized him? didn’t
    she ever talk w any of them? idk if that makes sense but they could very
    much b helping A u never know

  • TheFreaking4

    I actually don’t think Jason and Charles are twins…
    If we carefully analize that ending scene of the last episode, Jessica (Mrs
    D) is holding her new born child and says “Come and give a kiss to your
    sister!” she was addressing only ONE of the two little boys.. if fact only
    one kissed the baby. And jessica said “What a good boy you are!” The other
    one only gave her a stroke and Jessica didn’t show him the same level of
    Plus, ABC could afford to cast two kids who actually are the same height!!
    The one in the episode didn’t…

    Jason NEVER mentioned a brother.. Alison couln’t have remembered it cuz she
    was a baby but Jason was at least 5 years old… why didn’t they mention a
    brother?! He clearly would remember playing with him! Well that is because
    Charles was only a family friend whom Jason never saw again because Charles
    went to Radley or was away somewhere.

    Marlene King officially confirmed in her latest video that CHARLES IS A….
    but when did we start calling him Charles Dilaurentis??? Because of the
    anagram they found in Mona’s bedroom…. well A is a freaking psycho
    genius… he obviously planted it in there to be found.. HE WANTS TO BE A
    DILAURENTIS… he, for some reason resented Alison and started to torment
    her and her friends…
    (other theories could explain the why… 1. Charles aka Wren wants to
    avenge his sister Bethany after Alison caught on fire the place where she
    and jenna where that night? 2.Charles wanted to be a girl and envied Alison
    wanting to have everything she had?… list goes on)

    Did Mona know about charles “dilaurentis” if she planted the anagram
    herself and not A?! Then why didn’t she say anything in the doll house?


  • Kayla Blanton

    They have given so many hints that aria is some way apart of the whole a
    thing . I think aria is red coat or something because we have seen her
    wearing the coat and they gave alot of little hints int his episode about
    aria and the color red but i think the black widow or black swan or
    whatever is melissa and if its black widow it would make sense because her
    husband/fiance died

  • SuperDuperUbah Boobah

    Oh and do you think Melissa has something to do with it? Remember she
    called Mrs Hastings? Why would the writers randomly bring her up if she
    didn’t have something to do with this? Plus, isn’t Charles supposed to be
    Melissa’s age as they went to the same prom. If Melissa isn’t involved, I’m
    betting she at least knows something. 

  • Andre Williams

    Charles is Andrew. Andrew is Jason’s twin. Not only that but when they
    found the missing police van it was At the Campbell farm which is Andrews
    last name and he’s said to have land. 

  • Xx magentastill__lovesU xX

    Charles is obsessed with Ali thats why he told Mona to dress like her, he
    is also obsessed with dolls; So what if he’s gay and has a mental disorder
    thats why they sent him to Radley. If you think about it that family is
    crazy, mom’s a serial cheater, Jason likes to spy on girls, dad is somewhat
    absent and Ali a member of the means girls club.

  • stephanie portillo

    Its Jason’s twin I bet. Same last name, so he’s ms. D’s son Jason’s twin
    and Alison’s brother

  • Jhanvi YJ

    Charles DiLaurentis. The note was found in Mona’s mirror right? Does that
    mean Mona knows? She figured it out. Is she just playing along?

  • Alex Marrufo

    Anyone else really disappointed that they just throw out a new random
    person as “A” ? I was expecting someone like it might be one of the liars

  • Rebecca Slättås

    It’s a little funny since Spencer always find out about A… She found out
    about Mona, Toby, Charles, and when she was A! (Or I mean Toby was in the
    A-team. Whatever.) why is it always her?

  • Robyn.

    A lot of people are saying that Charles can’t be uber A because we were
    told someone has a twin SISTER. But, with the theories coming out that
    Charles actually identifies as a female, that would make sense. The correct
    pronoun would be ‘she’ which would obviously mean that Charles was, in
    fact, a twin sister to Jason, even if the person only identifies as a woman

  • Carliann Hester

    So my Social Studies teacher was talking to me at school today and his
    girlfriend watches PLL and I had not seen the episode yet because I get if
    from online and he says Charles is A and I had no earthly idea what he was
    talking about he says you watch PLL last night they revealed A…..so the
    last person on earth I would expect to ruin it for me did…

  • Macaroons

    Charles is Alison’s son! I know this is shocking but type “Charles Alison’s
    baby” on YouTube it will make a lot of scense. And the guy with a mask
    might be his father. 

  • Kelly McLaughlin

    It hasnt been confirmed that charles in anyones twin, he could just be a
    brother the boys look about a year or so apart. 

  • Isabella Hatfield

    Having a feeling they aren’t twins, but neither, if you get my drift. Like,
    Jason looked older than ‘Charles’ by about a year or so. It could be
    Andrew, since in the show, he looks relatively older than the other girls.
    Having a feeling they did this twist so everyone got off the Ali’s twin..
    And lastly, it could be Wren, since Charles had brown hair, but that could
    just be a facade.

    Or, you know, it was just Jason the whole time.. (worst. Theory. Possible.
    Coming from me lol)

  • ItsMeTheBeautyGirl

    If Charles is really Jason’s twin then Spencer is A’s half sister x
    Me and my friends think that Charles is Andrew but then that also means
    that Spencers half brother took his clothes except his pants off and
    Spencer took her bra from underneath her shirt off in front of both A and
    her half brother x
    This is so messed up 

  • Sara Morina

    Is pretty little liers over now ?
    Or will it come another season ? And can anybody tell me who is A ?? Im
    going crazy

  • caroline lawlor

    I think Charles is Jason. They said we saw and heard A’s voice in the first
    season. Also the actor that played Jason in season one is different than
    the one that plays him now. Maybe the producers did that on purpose. I
    think Charles killed Jason, and is now pretending to be him.

  • Luc

    We know that Charles is Jason’s twin but it is not going to be Andrew. I
    really think they are doing it just as a false lead because it would be
    incredibly obviuos. I have a doubt, though. If they are TWINS aren’t they
    supposed to look the same? Because, if that’s the case, I think the moment
    Jason went to rehab, Charles killed him so he could get closer to the

  • Anna L

    It’s interesting how spencer was the one that figured out that Mona was A.,
    and she is the one that found out that Charles is A. Pattern or simple

  • The best Vines

    I don’t think I trust Mona,
    First of all, listen to that voice in the ‘Dollhouse’, it sounds JUST like
    Secondly, remember when Aria found Mona coming out of her room that time
    and Mona said, “I like your wallpaper, it’s so you.” Or something like
    that. Well I think that was a clue, obviously A needed to replicate each of
    the girls rooms, down to the same wallpaper.
    Mona smiled when she found out Ali had gone to jail for her ‘murder’.
    You’re telling me Mona doesn’t know who Charles/A is??
    Mona faked her death, she was gone and this would have given her enough
    time to plan this whole thing and create the Dollhouse.
    Also, Mona was obsessed with Ali, now she has literally become Ali. If A
    wanted Alison in that dollhouse then A would have found a way to put her in
    there as well. Mona wanted to be Ali.
    Mona was wearing the clothes that Ali wore the night of her disappearance –
    what does this mean??
    I think Mona and Charles/A are in on this together.

  • kelly

    I think it’s Caleb. I have been saying that all this time!!! I mean he left
    then came back like idk I think he is A-

  • Anna Soria

    Why do you people take for sure that Charles is Jason’s TWIN!!!!! They
    didn´t look alike in the video!!! they weren´t even wearing the same
    cloths, one was higher than the other. I think this crazy theories are the
    result of wanting to know who the hell is -A even if didn´t make sense we
    just want an explanation, You know what?! I´m tired, tired of waiting for
    answers and instead getting more and more questions, this whole thing is
    ponitless, I think we will never know who -A is…….

  • maddyrox89

    Guys what about detective holbrook?? He could be A, he fits the age and
    physical profile and hair color…also MArlene King said to go back and look
    at these episodes for clues:
    “It Happened ‘That Night,’” season three, episode 1
    “A Dangerous Game,” season three, episode 24
    “A Is for Answers,” season four, episode 24
    “Taking This One to the Grave,” season five, episode 12
    “How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas,” season five, episode 13
    I noticed holbrook is in all the episodes except for season 3 episode 1 and
    he is being sketchy in all of them. In addition he’s sort of had things
    with three of the girls, him and ali kiss, him and hanna kiss (and then she
    goes back to caleb so he might be pissed off at her and targetted her
    first) and also he seems creepily obsessed with aria (which might be why A
    helped aria at times).
    Holbrook could be Charles, I mean I hardly think he looks like a Gabriel
    and he could have been adopted by the Campbells or something so maybe thats
    why his adopted brother Andrew could be helping him. He also seemed
    obsessed with the Bethany Young case so he could have been related to her.
    The girls also aided in him being suspended from being a cop and he just
    sort of disappeared and thats when things started to get bad for the girls.

  • Lee Victoria

    i think that charles had a gender disorder because mrs d bought two dresses
    and told ali not to tell anyone, because mr d did not like that the fact
    that charles wanted to be a girl. And also when mrs d was burying ali she
    said i was trying to protect what have you done, and i think that she said
    that because she was still trying to protect charles. 

  • Xolahana

    I think the Young’s (Bethany), the DiLaurentis’s and the Campbell’s (the
    ranch/farm they were on and Andrew) are all connected.

  • Beauty Queen

    WHO IS CHARLES THEROY-Charles dilaurentis is Andrew campbell this is
    because Charles aka Andrew wanted to be a girl growing up this then
    explained the two dresses it wasn’t for Bethany, Bethany isn’t real it was
    a stage name for Charles because thats what he wanted his girl name to be
    and when they aka his family found that out they put him in Radley to pass
    that crazy idea of being a girl over and when he escaped he then changed
    his name to Andrew campbell so he can get revenge on the girls but not
    Allison because he’s trying to protect her because he loves Allison and he
    trying to kill the girls because they took Allison away from him Allison
    was the only one he could trust because Jason his twin brother did not
    support him being a girl and every one in the family didn’t either expect
    for Allison. he obviously loves Allison because he wrote “Allison” or mona
    that note that says because your my favorite and then gave her the face
    mask since Charles can’t get Allison because she’s locked up in a different
    prison he took mona and made her pretend to be like Allison. Charles in
    season 6 then will try to eliminate the girls and just keep Allison

  • TheMG

    Charles is physically a boy but identifies mentally as a girl. So that’s
    why A is obsessed with dolls and girl masks and dresses. When Mrs.
    DiLaurentis and Mr. Hastings (Jason and Charles’ dad) found out about his
    wanting to be a girl, then they sent him to Radley because he was “sick”.
    This makes Charles Jason’s twin and Ali&Spencer’s half brother. So in
    Radley Charles took on the persona of “Bethany” and Mrs. D joined the
    committee to be able to keep in touch with her son. There was a flashback
    that showed her hiding 2 dresses and Ali found them when she was little.
    Also remember that Mrs. D was taking Bethany to ride horses at the stalls
    where Emily and Spencer visited? She was sneaking “Bethany” (Charles) out
    to spend time with her son. She was buying him things so he wouldn’t feel
    left out. The night Ali went missing was the night that Mrs. D got that
    worrisome phone call and was telling Alison that she wasn’t allowed to go
    out for the night. Ali went out anyway. Mrs. D saw Charles hit Ali with the
    rock and, since he was her child and first born (aside from Jason), she was
    covering for his mistake possibly trying to tell herself that he was
    mentally ill. When Spencer saw that someone had been living in the
    DiLaurentis’ basement, she just dismissed it and seemed nonchalant. Charles
    HAD to have been the one hiding out, and had to have been the one that was
    wearing the Alison masks and wigs in the house when the girls would catch
    glimpses of who they thought was Alison. I think Andrew is Charles. A for
    Andrew, NOT Ali like we all thought. Andrew missed school while in Radley
    so he would be behind grade wise, and would have to enroll in a lower grade
    level despite his age. I think that is why he wanted to reenact the prom of
    ’07. Spencer said that was the year Ian and Melissa went. Jason is their
    age, so Charles (Andrew/A/Bethany) is their age too but missed that prom.
    Also, side note but very important, there was a commercial aired on ABC
    Family tonight for the show “Becoming Us” which is about men who are
    transgendered. Why would they choose tonight of all nights, during this
    specific episode, to air this commercial? Definitely a hint, but not one
    that many would consider since it was just a commercial. When Mrs. D told
    the mystery person that she couldn’t protect them anymore, they felt even
    more abandoned…so they snapped and killed her.

  • Christina Vrelli

    I think that Charles was in love with Bethany and when she told him that
    Alison and Mrs D were not treating her well he went after Alison . and when
    Bethany was killed we went after all the girls .

  • Dana K

    Charles is Jason’s twin, Allison’s half-brother, Melissa and Spencer’s
    half-brother, and Mr. Hastings as well as the late Mrs. DiLaurentis’ son.
    Other than that I have no idea

  • Ms BN

    Could someone tell me how we can be so sure that Charles is Ali’s and
    Jason’s brother? No one has confirmed that yet beside from the anagram from
    Mona’s handheld mirror, which stated he was a DiLaurentis. Can we trust
    that 100% ? PLL has a lot of twisted things going on, and that’s why I have
    some trust issues now.

  • MariamYasmin

    My theorie is that Charles liked to play with dolls and where dresses when
    he was younger (maybe where the doll house idea came from) which his dad
    didnt approve of but Mrs D did. ( she bought 2 dresses in one episode one
    for Ali and one for Charles) but she was hiding the dresses from Mr D
    because he didnt want her encouraging ”Transgenderness” on Charles. Mr D
    put Charles in Radley because he thought he was crazy and there Charles
    took on the persona Bethany Young wich might explain. The night of Alisons
    ”death” i believe Charles dissapeared from Radley and they called and
    told Mrs D about it, this may be why Mrs D didnt want Alison to go on that
    sleepover since she knew how mentally unstable Charles was. Charles was the
    one who hit Alison with a rock and Mrs D buried Alison saying ”what did
    you do, what did you do” she didnt want to turn in her own son so she kept
    quite. When Mrs D said she couldnt protect him anymore he thought that she
    would turn him in for throwing that rock at Ali (trying to kill her) so he
    killed his mother. 

  • Hiii I'm someone

    Ok, let me break This down. Andrew can’t be Charles because he is like 19
    and if he is Jason’s twin he would have to be in his 20’s at least. Wren
    can’t Be Charles because he was once engaged to Melissa and u can’t really
    marry ur half sister.