Throwback: When Ajay Devgn asked Raveena to visit a shrink!

Just when we thought after a very public spat with ace Bollywood director/producer Karan Johar, Ajay Devgn’s all-guns-blazing avatar is gone for good, this throwback interview of the Singham star proves otherwise.

In an interview in 1994 with Filmfare, Ajay targeted his Dilwaale co-star, Raveena Tandon in an explosive interview!

In the yesteryears, rumour had it that the duo had been involved in a relationship and when Ajay tried to break it off, Raveena allegedly attempted suicide. The Shivaay actor slammed the gossip in the interview, asking her to consult a psychiatrist.

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When asked about their alleged relationship, Ajay asserted, “Everyone knows that she is a born liar, that’s why her silly statements don’t upset me too much. But, this time she has gone too far, she has crossed the limits of decency. It’s high time I gave her some advice. This girl must go to a psychiatrist immediately to get her head examined. Otherwise, she will land up in a lunatic asylum. I’m quite willing to accompany her to the shrink’s office.”

Here’s the original interview:





However, after few years, Ajay has decided to let bygones be bygones. In an interview once, when he was asked if he is willing to work with Raveena Tandon again.

“Of course! Why not? I would surely work with Raveena depending on the script. Today we are doing different kinds of roles and because of technology, we can play anything from 25 to 80 years. It just shows how versatile you can get,” said Ajay.

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When the same question was asked to Raveena, she responded positively as well.

“We have all grown up together. I met Ajay again a few years ago, when he was a guest on my show, Issi Ka Naam Zindagi, and it was good to catch up after many years. Whatever has happened is in the past. I never had problems even then. I was just a little hurt about the lies about me, that’s all. People move on…” Raveena had said.

The duo has starred in numerous movies, such as Dilwaale, LOC Kargil, Gair, Ek Hi Raasta etc.

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Throwback: When Ajay Devgn asked Raveena to visit a shrink!

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Throwback: When Ajay Devgn asked Raveena to visit a shrink!

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