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Raw 9th March 2015 The Undertaker responds to Bray Wyatt’s WrestleMania challenge


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  • Slayer GamingxX

    When undertakers bells hit, the crowd had that short, but loud pop. And I
    think the best thing wwe could do is make Wyatt look really good in this
    match but have Taker win so he can retire on a win and they can make up for
    that stupid Lesnar loss last year.

  • HTWv2

    This is honestly awful build to a match, Taker dosent even show up to Raw.
    So how am i supposed to be excited to see a match between these two when
    one of these guys dosent even show up for the 5 week build? So what if well
    see him at mania it dosent make more special.

  • Shavedify

    Should be an interesting match. I wonder how brutal they’ll let Bray be.
    Hopefully Taker doesn’t break his hip halfway through the match. 

  • Jericho8131

    This is probably the only match I’m really looking forward to at
    Wrestlemania. It’s the only feud that’s had exceptional build-up week after
    week. With Bray’s promos and Undertaker’s mysterious absence and silence,
    followed by both of their supernatural elements; it reminds me of the
    psychological and supernatural elements the Kane vs Undertaker feuds for
    Mania were built off of

  • Daniel Bryan

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  • ThePeoplesGamer1

    I’m puzzled. From what I remember didn’t John Cena (or someone) destroy
    Brays rocking chair? And didn’t Bray say it belonged to Sister Abagail? If
    the chair suddenly appeared in the ring, wouldn’t it make more sense to
    have Bray be a bit shocked and slowly reach out to touch the beloved chair
    he thought was gone forever only to have Takers lightning rain down and set
    it ablaze destroying it yet again? That way Bray not only wanted Taker as a
    challenge and “to set his soul free” but to gain revenge for messing with
    his mind in such a way?

  • Tremor The Black Dragon

    Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt… ONCE IN A LIFETIME!! Dark Forces collide… And
    Hell… Comes to them! #TakervsWyatt #WM31!!!

  • Kevin Nguyen

    Seriously this is a good match (wish undertaker and sting were to happen
    but oh well)

    You have two sides you don’t know what to go for , if undertaker wins bray
    Wyatt is basically bury, but if bray Wyatt wins undertaker career ends and
    is the new face of fear, but also makes the streak look pointless.

    See I’m not sure who will win and I’m definitely look forward to this match
    unlike Brock lesser vs Roman reigns who we all know is going to win. 

  • The Helluva King of Swing Dragons

    This has to be like the worst Wrestlemania build up! It should be called
    “Part-Time Mania” because all the main events are with part timers. Only 2
    RAWs left and still no Undertaker, no Sting, and Lesnar doesn’t even count
    because Heyman could have given that promo without Lesnar. Only young guy
    they focused on this year is Reigns who got like no reaction from the crowd
    at all tonight which is worse than being booed. Rest of the good guys
    (Ziggler, Ambrose, Bryan) are midcarders acting like idiots stealing the IC
    belt and Orton finally turned on the Authority. They should have done this
    all a long time ago. Young guys in midcard and almost retired guys not
    showing up on RAW and they get to have the main event matches… it just
    doesn’t feel like Wrestlemania!

  • TheBigRedMonster Kane

    To be honest, I thought this was awesome. And im sure that the undertaker
    will be on raw before wrestlemania. Lets not jump to conclusions yet and
    give up on this build up yet. The wwe is trying to make a deep storyline
    here and its still early 

  • BO Dallas

    Bray my Brother don’t mess with Taker he will beat you worse than the time
    you failed eating 50 Burgers from Burger king

  • Hiram Alvarez

    Bray Wyatt promos are phenomenal
    This rivalry is dedicated to a arsenal
    That is the phenom the undertaker
    Get ready for him and his breaker
    But im not a rapper