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The Flash 1×17 Promo – “Tricksters”


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  • Loneheart15

    The Trickster stole Batman contingency plan, if you know what I mean or
    catch the reference with the bracelet? ;)

  • JewMuricaWarOn ChildrenOfAdam

    So far i have not seen meta human with the following ability

    telekinesis, mind control, invisibility, quick reflex = slow mo effect,
    walk through object, taking over someone else bodies and control them,
    freez time and shapeshifter = become anyone.


    The 18th episode of The Flash will have an epic team-up between The Flash
    and The Atom as he arrives in Central City. Barry will be surprised when
    Arrow’s Felicity Smoak arrives in Central City from Starling City along
    with Ray Palmer who flies in as The Atom. Felicity and Ray comes to visit
    S.T.A.R. Labs as Ray will need help with his Atom suit. Their timing turns
    out to be unexpected after a meta human named Brie Larvin aka The Bug Eyed
    Bandit, unleashes hundreds of robotic bees to attack and kill her former
    co-workers. A group dinner with Barry, Felicity, Ray, Iris, and Eddie turns
    into a disaster. 

  • FunnyStorm Gaming

    Remember when cisco said there was red and yellow electricity when barry’s
    mom died. Maby the red electricity is barry traveling trough time to stop
    the reverse flash aka docter wellsh from killing the kid version of barry.
    Remember when docter wellsh said that he was there to kill barry ,but
    instead he killed barry’s mom. Maby docter wellsh is training barry to get
    up to a higher speed beceause barry can only timetravel if he has the same
    speed as the reverse flash. Docter wellsh needs barry to timetravel
    beceause you need two different impulses (red and yellow). Remember when
    doctor wellsh said that he wants to get in his old^TIME^! Doctor wellsh was
    trying to kill barry that day beceause the older version of barry is to
    strong, thats why he tried to kill young barry , but it didn’t work. So he
    killed barry’s mom to hurt him in a other way so that barry gets weak but
    it didn’t work. Now let’s go back in normal time, barry is getting faster
    and ep 18 is coming. Doctor wellsh wants to go back in time again to wright
    his wrongs and finally kill barry. But why does doctor wellsh want to kill
    barry, let’s what happens in the flash.

    Please comment on my theorie.: )