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Total Divas Preview Clip 8th March 2015 The Bella Twins discuss Nikki’s big win and the future


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  • Dreignz Wrestling

    Nikki Bella is talented, I don’t care if you hate or don’t like her. She’s
    a good wrestler ( not the best ), she’s good on commentary and on the mic. 

  • realthundercat17

    We all know that neither the Bellas deserve the title, Nikki only won it
    because she was banging john cena

  • WeWantMcIntyre

    Nikki Bellas doesn’t understand the message of #GiveDivasAChance
    It’s not because Emma and Paige lost in 30 seconds, it’s because the WWE
    don’t make longer matches. 3 or 4 minutes are not enough, and you CAN’T
    tell a story in 3 minutes.
    What a noob. 

  • SakuraKahn

    So Brie wants to be a mom (which is a good thing) and Nikki wants to remain
    champion. But Nikki was staring at Brie as if she said something stupid.
    Brie is confident to be a mother and Nikki should support her all the way.
    And if I’m wrong, then still Nikki, you need to support your sister. Also,
    yes. I agree that Brie, Paige, or AJ deserve to be Diva’s Champion. Not
    because other people say they should. But because it would make more grand
    opportunities for the other divas to work their way to the top and become

  • Alantae Douthit

    just leave Brie and have a baby so Nikki can finally win something on her
    own for once Nikki is so selfish she doesn’t need Brie its sad how she
    thinks she cant do anything without Brie what a pathetic Divas Champion
    can’t wait until we see a Real Champion 

  • Selina Tellez

    It’s sad, how the only way i can tell them apart is by looking at their
    “Ok lets see which one has the bigger bust….oh okay that’s Nikki!”

  • Simon Lindner

    with 8 years of hard work she means 7 years of modelling plus mediocre 2
    minute matches and 1 year of actual in-ring improvement.