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Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez Party w/ Camila Cabello – WTF/Best Kiss MTV Movie Award Nominees! (DHR)


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  • Clearisse Del Rosario

    Who gives a crap about Austin! He is such a jerk! becky got Austin but
    Camila got Taylor, Selena, Hailee, Sarah and other people! 

  • Siiri S.

    Zedd was in the party with Selena. Hayley tweeted a photo where she was
    with Taylor and Zedd (and Selena if I remember correctly)

  • Shabnum Anwar

    Camila Cabello’s Bday part!!! Hanging out with all those amazing girls i
    think thats a dream come true !!<3 Thanks for the news XOXO

  • awbri racheaal

    Camilla had the best birthday ever I wanna hang out with Hayley Williams
    Taylor swift and Selena Gomez like why wasn’t I invited and as for the
    movie awards if shailene Woodley (idk how to spell her name) and Ansel
    elgort don’t win for best kiss I might just cry

  • Sacred Simplicity

    idk i just laughed so hard when Joslyn said “Austin was pushing Becky in a
    stroller that looks like it was made for animals” AHAHAHAHAHAH was that
    shade? We’ll never know

  • Nayara Martins

    I thought you guys were gonna speak on what’s going on with Chris Brown and
    his baby drama! He was trending all day on Twitter! 

  • lovexoxo12

    I say my birthday would be better
    #1 I turning the big 12
    #2 the one and the only jb Justin j dog bizzle bet you did not remember
    bizzle now did ya OK back to the point he gets roasted on my birthday haha
    #3 my birthday is in spring break yall

  • HaleyHearts

    Omg I love dhr so much. I Would have no idea on what’s happening ever, if
    not for the clevver girls. I love you guys!!!

  • bygirl66

    omg, my favorite people, Hayley Williams, Camila and Taylor together at the
    same room, like, whaaat is life

  • MyRihanna11

    My Dork is all grown up …I am so freaking happy for her she deserves the
    best …and Taylor and Selena did a great job

  • shahnaj begum

    I just turned 14 on march 4 and even though everyone else had a good time
    in my house I did to I watched clevver news to keep myself entertained
    thank you for always putting a smile on my face and keeping me updated on
    Hollywood stuff. I would love to be clevverette it would mean everything to
    me lots of love from me

  • Crafty Jess

    Why is Camilla the only one from fifth harmony that gets birthday wishes by
    a celeb idk why but it annoys me 

  • Rebecca Rich

    The coincidence between Becky’s and Camila’s birthdays is just too much. No
    wonder they are supposedly in a love triangle. (Kidding).

  • Liz V

    Nooooo Becky G is with Luis Coronel .!! Lol (I’m hoping so) Cuz that’s
    what’s been in the Latino news 

  • Elizabeth Wonderham

    Jennifer Lopez Boy Next Door, Channing Tatum Foxcatcher, Shailene Woodley,
    and Ansel Elgort The Fault in Our Stars. Jonah Hill 22 Jumpstreet. I think
    Camilla had a great birthday.

  • Lisa Nguyen

    So I sprained my ankle and I am bed ridden and can’t move or do anything
    and I am so bored but then there is Clevver and DHR they just cheer me up
    and make my day better and not completely boring so Thank You Clevver
    #clevverett +Clevvernews

  • Andres Richard

    OMG!!!!!!!!! Me and Erin have the same birthday!!!!!!!!!! I love you all at
    clevver but Erin like we should should hangout we have the same b-day!!!!!!
    Love you all and would love it even more if I was clevverete!!!??? ( I am
    on my brothers account) love you all!!!!!

  • Paula Baxter

    Camila and I share the same birthday!! i couldnt help but feel happy for
    her haha March 3rd is and will always be a special and wonderful dayy <3

  • Regan Anne B.

    My birthday is the day after the movie awards (not to mention after spring
    break :() and knowing that Captain America (First Avenger and/or Winter
    Soldier) was nominated for at least one category makes me happy! Fingers
    crossed for them!

  • gabriella abreu

    Hi big fan. Just wondering what it the relationship status between Kendall
    jenner and Scott disick. Apparently ge proposed but I dont know. I feel
    confused. Love you guys. Follow me on Twitter @gabriellaabre16

  • Jade :)

    Ok so this is weird, the awards are on my birthday! But anyway I think
    Dylan o’brien should win because he’s just so cute and honestly I like his
    acting! Although I have to say that if there was a category for best
    Hollywood gossip category who would win? Duh! Clevver! Haha! Anyway, if you
    guys are reading this I just want to say I love your show and watch it
    whenever I can! 🙂 it would mean so much to get a shoutout or even
    clevvertte of the week?!? Idk no worries if it doesn’t happen, love u

    Ps I think all the girls are great, but my favorite is Erin!!! :)(:


  • Deya Villa-Cazares

    I love Camila and everything, but they only report on her. I mean did
    Clever report how one of Laurns grandparents died

  • Nikki Lopes

    All I want for my birthday is for Taylor Swift to throw me a fairytale
    princess party…. I’m almost 23. No shame.