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  • M. Starwater

    Through Genesis, Spock will never die. And what is true for one good soul
    must be true for all. Forever live Leonard Nimoy.


    There is a place of rest ,
    at a certain time we live this world of straggling and entered the place of
    rest, so we say to you good by.

  • Michael Lazarus

    I guess now we will have to Search for the Spock that exists in each and
    every one of us.

    Rest in peace and thank you so much for teaching us all what it really
    means to be human.

  • jack meoff

    I Have Always Been And Always Will Be Your Friend Live Long and Prosper
    Of all the souls i have encountered in my travels his was the most human

  • kaireif williams

    I would cry but I feel as if my tears will be illogical for the fact that
    he is no longer with us physical but mentally in our minds

  • hulkbam

    If any of you are a PC gamer there is a little bit of a resemblance between
    Sir Spock and Solas of Dragons Age Inquisition. 

  • silentecho92able

    R.I.P Leonard Nimoy may the Stars shine bright in space, an the many Star
    trek fans rise up a say will miss you.

  • Greg Montgomery

    What a pleasant time in my life when I watched the old Star Trek shows back
    in the 60″s. Now, things are so dramatic in the world. Young folks really
    missed the chance to live in a time of such simple enjoyments, like Star
    R.I.P. Spock…..

  • Hollywood Life

    Such an unique and interesting on screen presence who brought the world an
    iconic character that will likely never be forgotten as long as movies and
    TV are made. RIP to the incomparable Leonard Nimoy. We are saddened by this
    loss but grateful for all the joy he gave millions of people around the

  • Sandra Byland

    Rest in peace, our dear friend. You brought to life for us such a wondrous
    and special individual – Spock – who lives forever in our hearts, as you
    will. Thank you for giving us your heart and soul, and the Katra of Spock,
    which is now set free among the stars. We will miss you, dear friend. To
    all who love you, Live long, and Prosper.

  • Henry from Colorado

    We watched the original “Wrath of Khan” last night in tribute to Leonard
    Nimoy’s passing. I’ll never forget when this movie originally came out how
    not just here in the States, but how the whole world was affected but his
    cinema death. It had such an great affect that Nimoy, who had stated before
    the movie this was the last time he would do Spock, was convinced to
    return. That speaks volumes on what a beloved character he was to us. The
    man truly did “live long & prosper” and he will be greatly missed.

  • js79loves80s

    I was devastated by the news of Leonard Nimoy’s passing! I wish that there
    really was a Genesis planet to bring him back! Rest In Peace Mr.
    Spock/Leonard Nimoy!

  • Maria de vries

    Rest in Peace Leonard Nimoy, you will be Sadly Missed, and We Wil never
    Forget about you, you were one of a kind! That will live on in our
    Memories, our Hearts, and souls.

    Live Long, And Prosper <3

  • Thomas Griffin

    The scene was more powerful without you pasting in music from First
    Contact. Please don’t do something like that again.

  • Cary Carpenter

    Leonard Nimoy was a consummate professional and his zest for life knew no
    boundaries. I grew up watching him on Star Trek during it’s 3 year run on
    TV and I enjoyed his “arguments” he had with Dr McCoy. His passing has left
    a huge void that can never be filled. My condolences go out to his family.
    I actually cried at the end of Star Trek II:The wrath of Khan when he
    sacrificed his life so that the Enterprise could be saved. He’s not dead as
    long as we remember him. Spock will never be forgotten.

  • Princess Strickland

    Goodbye Leonard Nimoy Live Long and Prosper, and may your spirit of spock
    live the stars and heavens

  • Crooks PlaysYT

    Robin Williams now this. I never thought a grown ass man could cry this
    much in one go. I always wanted to meet him, now I never will. not in life
    anyway. one of the best and one of my favorites. rip leonard nimoy…