Skin Care Tips/چہرے کی حفاظت کیلئے آزمودہ نسخے

Skin Care Tips/چہرے کی حفاظت کیلئے آزمودہ نسخے

Urdu Beauty tips for skin care, acne treatment tips, lips dryness treatment, wrinkles and freckles treatment

Acne on face is a very common skin problem. Here are some effective remedies to remove acne:

1: Prepare the mixture of honey and cinnamon powder together. Apply
this paste before you go to bed and wash off the face next morning.

2: Milk not boiled mixed with gram flour has been proved effective for the daily wash of acne skin.

Remedies for removing pimples:-
1:The most common tip to get rid of pimples on face is using toothpaste on the pimple. Use the paste variety, not gel and gently apply a small drop directly on top of the blemish and let it dry. This will draw the pimple out.

2:Almond paste in combination with egg white and lemon juice can give effective results for you to fight pimples on the face.

1:Apply tomato juice on your face or at least apply it at that particular site of pimples and leave it for 15 minutes. After that rinse your face thoroughly with water.

2:Change your diet by removing greasy foods, soda pop, and sweets.

Remedies for removing wrinkles:-

1:Make the Paste by adding turmeric and sugarcane juice is great recipe to get rid of wrinkles and slow skin aging.

2:Rubbing the core of pineapple on the face and leaving it for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off works well on fine wrinkles.
3:Applying the pure castor oil regularly prevents wrinkles.

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Skin Care Tips/چہرے کی حفاظت کیلئے آزمودہ نسخے

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Skin Care Tips/چہرے کی حفاظت کیلئے آزمودہ نسخے

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