Signs of Miscarriage at 14 Weeks

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14 Weeks Pregnant, Worried About Missed MiscarriageI would love to tell you one simple thing at the start, noting is authentic and 100% sure until and unless your gynecologist fix some test and examination and then tell you the results, so no matter what you find on net or what people say, you need to calm down and talk to your doc and see what they have to say about your situation and that would be the authentic result.

14 weeks means almost late pregnancy and only 2 % woman suffer with miscarriage at this stage, but still it happens, late miscarriages do happen and it would say it is a emotional loss then a body or health issue, no matter if they are suffering with a late miscarriage at 14 weeks and 20 weeks, it is very hard to handle the pain to lose a baby you have carried this far, that would be the time when you would be thinking about the future with your baby and you would be feeling your baby moving inside you, there are times when it is very hard to determine why it happened and predict the health of future pregnancies too.

Signs of Miscarriage at 14 Weeks

Signs of Miscarriage at 14 Weeks

The symptoms of a late miscarriage are similar to those of an early miscarriage and almost in all cases woman feel severe cramping and bleeding and then they notice large clots of tissue passed with the blood too and this is absolutely miserable cause they know that this was the baby there were caring for weeks and days, normally people get cramps during early time or period and then they find out that it is nothing bur the baby weight that is making them feel this pain and all that, and when they feel the same during 14 or 20th week then ignore it absolutely without talking to anyone at all, and then they find out that they lost their baby during their 14th week of pregnancy.

Here I can share one very painful incident, a couple of month back, one of my friends who was pregnant with her first baby and she went for third scan and she wanted to know the gender of her baby when doc told that she has lost her baby, it was absolutely horrible since she did not feel any sign at all, the 6th and 12th scan was absolutely fine, she was feeling  absolutely fine, but she was too skinny and so weak to carry her own baby and that was the sole reason behind this miscarriage at 14 weeks, but I know her personally and I can tell that she did not get any signs of miscarriage at 14 weeks.

Here are Some of The Main and Common Causes of Miscarriage After The 1st Trimester

  • Fetal structural problems including spina bifida and congenital heart defects.
  • Sometime maternal anatomical problem including uterus divided in two.
  • Issues with placenta, including placental abruption or abnormal implantation.
  • Infections which kills the baby and there are so many infection which can kill the baby without letting the mother feel including parvovirus, cytomegalovirus or toxoplasmosis.

Actually there are so many reasons and so many causes that can damage your pregnancy and can kill the fetus; some are very miner that even your gynecologist fails to determine them, but that does not mean that there is not hope, you just need to keep your faith and make sure you talk about everything you feel and get the authentic advice ” Signs of Miscarriage at 14 Weeks”

Symptoms of Miscarriage at 14 Weeks

At the end, I just want you to keep an eye on each and every newness, don’t ignore anything, and don’t hesitate to talk to your doc, they are there for you and to help you and I bet they would feel good to help you so don’t let your fear give you a horrible loss and keep making sure that everything is absolutely fine inside you.

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Signs of Miscarriage at 14 Weeks

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Signs of Miscarriage at 14 Weeks

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