“Script Writing Is The Toughest Job Of All” – Vasay Chaudhry

There are very few actors in our industry who have emerged as script writers too. Vasay Chaudhry is one of those very few actors who have not just written scripts but who are responsible for giving us some very hit serials which were not only popular but also different from all the other dramas viewers get to see on television nowadays. While talking MAG Weekly about his decision to start scrip writing Vasay said, “I didn’t go for writing per se; I came into this field to become an actor but sadly, I realised very soon that it’s all about the ‘script’. I use the word ‘sadly’ because script writing is the toughest job of all. In theatre, television or film, you are only as good as your script and I have learnt that by reading Mushtaq Ahmed Yusufi and Anwar Maqsood sahib. So if you can produce a good script, acting becomes the easier part.”


Vasay thinks that acting is much easier if the actor is working on a project which has a strong script. Talking about how he came up with the script of his upcoming film Jawani Phir Nahi Aani Vasay said, “The idea came to me long before I was hired by Humayun Saeed to write Main Hoon Shahid Afridi in 2011. During its filming, Abhi Tu Main Jawan Hoon happened and thankfully, the telefilm was shown on the big screen as part of some festival by Geo TV. It was liked by all and I was given a go-ahead by Humayun Saeed to complete the script of JPNA. I wrote the entire script in 13 months and hope the film ends up engaging you as much as it did the producer and director while working together to make a family entertainer for our audiences.”


Vasay Chaudhry also shared that Nauman Ijaz and Saba Hameed were his favorite actors from Pakistani drama industry. When asked if he would like to work in India, he said, “Why India? [Smiles] Yes, I want to see the Taj Mahal!” Vasay Chaudhry wants to do a lot of good work in the future too.

Vasay’s fun tweets about his upcoming film have made people laugh too.




“Script Writing Is The Toughest Job Of All” – Vasay Chaudhry

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“Script Writing Is The Toughest Job Of All” – Vasay Chaudhry

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