Rizwan Beyg Lawn Collection 2012

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There are fifteen designs with more than two dozens colors in the latest lawn collection by the country’s leading fashion designer Rizwan Beyg.

Rizwan Beyg is the first person in the Pakistan who introduced lawn in the country—so, it’ll not be wrong if we’ll say that he is the one of the most experienced fashion desinger to created the best designs and colors in lawn.


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Rizwan Beyg is a very famous name in the fashion industry of of Pakistan who are working to improve fashion and style in the country for last many years.

This stunning and glamorous collection is recently launched by the Beyg last Friday in Karachi in a lavish ceremony. The ceremony was the centre of fahsion of the country.

Rizwan Beyg Lawn Collection 2012 is especially designed according to the latest season and also according to the latest fashion trend in Pakistan which is the main thing and Bonanza has always did its best.


All the fans of Rizwan Beyg know that he always launches some special, different-good-looking and more unique collection whethter it is summer collection, winter collection or bridal collection. There were already some people thinking who wear the unique and different-good-looking dress that he will launch another collection.

This is one of the most stunning and glamorous collection of the brand who always launch unique and different-gorgeous looking collection. There are dark colors are very bright and very relaxing colors used in the collection is based on the collection.



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Rizwan Beyg Lawn Collection 2012

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Rizwan Beyg Lawn Collection 2012

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