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  • Jonathan Foy

    Seth is billed as the architect… implying that he’s intelligent and
    cerebral… so how didn’t he see this coming? I know, I know…
    storyline… but still… they couldn’t do this any better? Seth comes out
    looking like a gullible idiot to me, which a far cry from the architect of
    the most dominant stable since Evolution.

  • miguel abarentos

    Randy Orton:you think for one leaping second I would rejoin the authority?!
    You just did few weeks ago

  • MissTia777

    DAMNNNN Seth got DESTROYED! And WHERE THE HELL was Stephanie and Triple
    H???!!!!! Stephanie ran her ass out there at Kane and Big Show throwing
    them out the arena but she M.I.A when it comes to Seth’s beat down????

  • The Common Denominator of Greatness

    Finn Bálor vs Kevin Owens vs
    Adrian Neville vs Sami Zayn vs
    Tyler Breeze vs Hideo Itami vs Baron Corbin vs Rhyno

  • The Helluva King of Swing Dragons

    What was the point of Lesnar showing up on RAW tonight? Just to stand next
    to Heyman? I expected him to attack Reigns or something. Another wasted
    Lesnar appearance…

  • Vince "Out Of Touch" McMahon

    I imagined that Randy Orton was Roman Reigns, that Seth Rollins was Brock
    Lesnar, and I jizzed myself.

    Vince McMahon In Refraction!

  • Kevin Nguyen

    2:46 Randy Ortan: TAKE A PICTURE use #rkooutofnowhere Number one trend on
    twitter baby XD

    3:25 Random DudeI hear them too, I hear them voice baby XD

    This segment was entertaining and Hilarious X’D