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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spoilers: Will Season 6 Have A Time Jump?


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  • iWuvHuskys

    I’m glad season six starts off with them still in the doll house, I can’t
    wait to see how they get out. 

  • Elliot Zar

    It makes me upset that so many people didn’t like the episode due to false
    advertising. I wasn’t really expecting to find out who A is, so I thought
    the episode was great! Just one question: How is Mona alive if we saw her
    body in 5×12? I’m happy she’s alive, but how?

  • Aneta Nováková

    What? How could “A” be someone who doesn’t even know the liars? Like…I
    don’t get it 😀 But the last episode was so good, I have never been that
    scared while wtaching PLL and I had chills all the time!

  • MsAllGoodNameTAKEN

    I think it’s pretty genius of the writes to play up on the A in the books.
    In the books it’s Ali’s twin sister, instead it’s Jason’s twin. That’s
    pretty damn clever.

    My theories of what happened are that Charles is Bethany or Charles is
    Growing up Charles wanted to be a girl but his dad never accepted that.
    That’s why he was put into Radley. That’s who the yellow dress was for,
    Either that or Andrew is Charles. Because Andrew’s last name is the name of
    the farm.

  • Josemanuel Vazquez

    About 4 years ago the same girls were clueless about who -A is.Now, they
    are right around the corner to finding their stalker since season 3.Does
    anyone feel sad about this show ending?I want it to end to reveal -A but at
    the same time, I don’t want the mystery to end!! XD

  • maritza martinez

    I was looking at A theories here on YouTube, and I clicked on a video, and
    the person said that Marlene King tweeted that one of the liars is Big A,
    but then quickly deleted it, so I don’t think Charles is big A, just
    working for one o the liars, which I think is Aria 

  • Letícia Paiva

    My theory as of now is that Charles is Jason’s twin. He got sent away at an
    early age, possibly to Radley, and is now seeking revenge. I don’t know
    much about the reason why he was sent there but that’s what I could gather
    in this messed up mind of mine.

  • Daniel Morris

    I’m hoping i’m getting top comment here
    So this one stupid bitch told me that Lucas is Charles which is really
    weird cause I like Lucas, so when I was thinking today I was like, LUCAS IS
    NOT CHARLES. The bitch/girl said that Lucas wanted to be a girl which is
    why they were in the dollhouse, but remember when Mona was acting like Ali?
    My guess is that Charles thought that Mona was Ali because he hadn’t seen
    her and he thought he got Alison so wouldn’t Lucas know who Alison was? So
    that completely diminishes that statement.

  • Amanda Violette

    This has nothing to do with Pretty Little Liars but clever are you going to
    get in on the big One Direction news?

  • Amber Keoho

    Last night’s episode was AMAZING! I totally believe Charles DiLaurentis is
    Jason’s twin, also Alison AND Spencer’s brother. I think its probably
    Andrew. Why? Because of the home video was taken place at the Campbell’s
    farm or whatever it was! It’s just my prediction. Other than that, so glad
    Mona is alive!

  • Livnat Perez

    Why do I have the feeling that A might be Lucas? I mean in the episode I
    thought that A’s hairs look alot like Luca’s. The size look the same too
    and so the body. I would actually like Lucas To be A instead of jason’s
    twin who we barely know.and Marlene said that in season 6 we will feel
    sorry for A. I’m already feeling sorry for Lucas.and I’m much more attached
    to him then “charles “who we don’t know.

  • Jasmin Foged

    Charels is alisons and jaysons step Brother, and they dont now that they
    have one… soo he hates them for not nowing him!

  • misty pink

    I think Andrew is Charls because Jason and |Andrew could be twins.But what
    i’m confused about is why Charls wants to be Alison’s prom queen ???

  • Marisa Ridley Patin

    Many people thought that the girls was ‘A’ but was wrong. Its kind of nerve
    wracking knowing that we know who ‘A’ is. I think ‘A’ is obsessed with the
    girls. Like come on? Who would go through all this trouble for some
    girls…. Obviously Obsession. But I think I might know why ‘A’ went
    through all this trouble. In past episodes we see that there is more than
    one ‘A’ and they seem to have something against Ali. Ali was known in
    school for being the “Mean Girl” but what if she did that because she felt
    that she had to do those things because she could of been bullied also. Or
    tormented in her past. They start off PLL with the night at the lodge when
    she goes missing. But maybe the girls didn’t know each other when they were
    in Elementary or something. This TV show is corrupt with so many lies,
    twists, and turns with keeps us in suspicion. Maybe the real reason why ‘A’
    is doing this is right in front of our faces. We just don’t seem to realize
    that. At all. ‘A’ is trying to tell us something but were not looking at
    the “Big Picture” in all of this. 


    Are Ezra and Aria going to stay together ?They are the best couple ever and
    Caleb and Hanna and Spencer and Toby

  • Alishia Bothwell

    in my opinion it looked as if spencer had a recogization of who charles was
    and, in the family films it show 2-boys and a baby girl. i have a thought
    that jason does have a twin and spencer knew him growing up. thats probably
    who charles dilarentis is. i alos whole heartedly believe that spencers BIG
    A. and charles is the other A. i believe that there working together or
    just havnt seen each other in a while..spencer seamed more surprised then
    scared in my opinion.

  • adelphipanthers

    I think in 4 years Emily will end-up going to college in California, to be
    close to paige, there she will see Maya. Maya always wanted to be in
    California, if she is still alive, like mona.

  • Miranda Jarrell

    Anyone else releaved that Mona is alive oh my god I kinda thought she was
    alive just her body in the trunk made me think she’s completely dead

  • Amani Ahmed

    What would be Charles’ actual motive? Like I get that he is related to
    Alison and Jason in some way but surely that cant drive someone to do the
    killer drastic things ‘A’ does? I think the reason why A is A and why is a
    lot more complex, or atleast it should be more complicated then someone
    getting revenge because you didnt know you were related..

  • Robyn.

    I was really angry at first with the episode, because although it narrowed
    down the suspects to only a few people, we still didn’t get a lot of
    information. Looking at the bigger picture, though, I began to like it. We
    finally have some parents being smart about A, Tanner’s finally listening
    to something Toby has to say, and Mona’s alive! It was great.

  • Gloria Kohli

    Ester day I wasn’t able to watch the season finale bc I wasn’t caught up.
    I’m really mad now lol. I WANTED TO SEE A FACE NOT HEAR A NAME