PPP women legislators warns Mirza

KARACHI: Women legislators of Pakistan People’s Party Sindh blasted defiant PPP leader Zulfikar Mirza on Sunday, warning him to refrain from foul-mouthing against the party leadership.

5Speaking at a press conference in Karachi, Deputy Speaker Sindh Assembly Syeda Shehla Raza castigated that a man who has no recognition is now indulging in foul-mouthed criticism against the PPP.”

Zulfikar Mirza even could not meet Bilawal in Dubai despite several attempts, she said. There was a time, she added, when Mirza didn’t even have a car. Ms Raza said Pemra should take notice of media trial of the PPP.


Raubina Qaimkhani of the PPP said it was Asif Ali Zardari who won Mirza the provincial assembly seat from Badin. She said no PPP worker or leader will tolerate any harsh word against Faryal Talpur.

Zulfikar Mirza should stop pursuing agenda of the dictators, she added. Qaimkhani said PPP jalsa in Lyari was a “slap on the face of Zulfikar Mirza.”

Speaking on the occasion, Sharmila Farooqui said Mirza had no value if the PPP tag was detached from him. “We reserve the right to respond to any foul language against our leaders.”

PPP women legislators warns Mirza

source by daily mailnews .com

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PPP women legislators warns Mirza

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