Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tutorial With Steps & Pictures

Everyone around the world is fascinated with Pakistani culture, its beautiful traditions and lifestyle that warms hearts everywhere. Pakistani brides are a sight to behold. From the intricate and traditionally crafted dress to perfection from the stunningly magnificent makeup, what’s not to love? It wouldn’t be surprising if you are eager to get the Pakistani Bridal Makeup done on your big day. You will most definitely look your best if you pull it off well and Best Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tutorial With Steps & Pictures  will show you just how to do that!

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1- Prepping Your Face


Like the services offered in beauty parlors that include cleansing, exfoliating, skin polishing and facials etc, you can also put in a bit of effort and get them done on your own. Browse through our website to see how to do these things in the comfort of your own home.

2- Prime Up



Priming is one of the most important things when it comes to doing your makeup. It makes your makeup sets well and evenly on your skin. It also ensure that your makeup lasts longer and does not get runny. Prime your entire face, focusing on the area around your eyes, nose and forehead.

3- Apply Concealer



Now its time to cover up any marks or dark circles on your skin by applying a little bit of concealer on them. Focus on the area around your eyes because that is what requires the most attention. Also apply it on your nose, over and below your eyebrows, the dent around the nostrils, around the edges of your lips and above your chin.

4- Foundation



Pick a foundation that is well matched with your skin tone to get a more natural look because you do not want your base to look fake, cakey or pasty. You may take the help of a foundation sponge or a foundation brush for better and even application. Dust your face with a little bit of powder.

5- Contouring




Contouring is just as important since it helps define your features and shift the attention of your face to exactly where it is needed. You can slim down features like your nose and make your cheekbones stand out. Well applied contouring can do wonders for your makeup.

6- Blush


Once you are done with the application of foundation and your contouring, its time to work on your cheeks. Pakistani bridal makeup uses a bit of highlighter on top of your cheekbones along with the blush. The color of blush that you choose depends on your skin tone. Try avoiding reds though. Anything from pink to peachy to subtle shades of bronze would do.

7- Eyes


Moving on to your eyes, the first thing you will do is lay the foundation with a shade like off white, cream, silver or pearl focusing on the inner corners of your eyes to make them pop out. Pakistani bridal makeup often sports glittery and shimmery centers with smokey eyes. So, apply a color along the lines of golden, brown, bronze or silver and then go for the smokey eye effect including the application of eyeliner. Browse through our website for a smokey eye tutorial. To finish it off, define your eyebrows with a dark brow eyebrow pencil or eyes shadow of the same color. Then apply some highlighter along the bottom line of your eyes brows, focusing on the brow bone, then stick some fake lashes and apply mascara.

8- Lips


Make sure your lips are not chapped, moisturize them and apply a thin layer of lip primer or concealer/foundation to even them out and help the lipstick last longer. You can choose any color that goes with your dress from dark to light to glossy to matte. Your can go with the classy red or the subtle peachy pink, whatever rocks your boat. Use a lip pencil for more definition. Ta-da!

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Pictures For Wedding Brides

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Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tutorial With Steps & Pictures

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Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tutorial With Steps & Pictures

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