Now UK’s help sought in Axact probe

ISLAMABAD: The government has written a letter to the UK, seeking its help in Axact scandal following latter’s offer that it will cooperate in the probe into the fake degree scam.

7The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) too has sent a letter to the Interpol into the matter. Speaking to media on Friday, Federal Interior Minister Chauhdry Nisar Ali Khan said the government was also sending a letter to the government of United Arab Emirates into the issue.

He said it was not necessary that a single FIR should be lodged against Axact.

On the other hand, the authorities have widened the scope of investigation against Axact with the FIA seizing 30 cartons of fake degrees from company’s office.

The FIA on Friday focused on 34 bank accounts of the company, collecting details of Axact’s exports documents and E-forms. The agency is also trying to lay it’s hands on details of company’s transactions, opening forms of the 34 bank accounts, signature cards, swift massages and money deposited in the accounts.

Meanwhile, the police and the FIA seized 30 more cartons of fake degrees from Axact’s warehouse in the presence of a magistrate.

The sources said that the building where the documents were found would be sealed along with IT, Call Centre and Accounts department.

Now UK’s help sought in Axact probe

source by daily mailnews .com

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Now UK’s help sought in Axact probe

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