Nishat Linen Summer Collection 2015 Vol 1 Catalogue

Over the course of years, Nishat Linen has exceedingly become quite popular in Pakistan’s fashion and textile industry. They owe their success to the highly modern, equipped and the biggest vertically integrated textile brand in the country. Their efficiency and effectiveness has propelled them onto the heights of success. Their persuasive and aggressive marketing campaigns reinforce their message and vision across its customers and yields the demands that have gotten them where they are right now. This brand does the whole deal themselves; their manufacturing process includes spinning, weaving, processing and power generation.

Nishat offers its customers the essence of the eastern style presented with innovative and modern designs and cuts. They make sure that they take the evergreen traditional values of out culture and society and transform them beautifully complimented with the latest trends. They pay close attention to the evolving tastes and liking of its current and potential customers and incorporate all those ideas into something that its customers would love wearing. They showcase the beauty of their products through the tailoring cuts and the colors that they use in all of their collections. There is a certain simplicity to even the most fancy and sophisticated dresses by this label.

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The captivating and eye-catching color combinations and cuts used in every single one of the lines launched by Nishat Linen differentiates them among others. They promise and claim to produce only high quality goods and products so that they never disappoint their customers. They offer a very diverse range of products that includes women’s and children’s wear and they are looking to expand their operations to offer a wider range of categories for their clients. NL deals with the production and retailing of stitched and unstitched clothing lines so your options become even wider when you go for shopping. Every season, they come up with something stunning that greatly reflects all the latest current trends in the industry. The range of colors chosen by NL, may it be bold colors or cool ones, are printed to perfection on the fabrics complimented with embroidery and various cuts and styles.

The patterns that you will find on the clothing lines by Nishat Linen are not only decent and elegant, they also symbolize simplicity and beauty. This brand is all about all things chic and unique. You will not have to comprise on price or aesthetics if you opt for this label. It is one of the most successful fashion and textile brands of Pakistan. This season get ready to be blown away by the exquisite designs by Nishat. Nishat Linen Summer Collection 2015 Vol 1 Catalogue  is everything that you need to enhance and upgrade your wardrobe for this season. You will surely stand out wearing items from this wonderful collection. You also have a choice of many different colors that you can select according to your preferences and what suits you best. You will certainly enjoy wearing these beautiful prints and catching up on the latest trends of this season, spring and summer included!






















Nishat Linen Summer Collection 2015 Vol 1 Catalogue

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Nishat Linen Summer Collection 2015 Vol 1 Catalogue

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