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  • PHPUSA66

    This match was great with the back it was only 3 mins. Alicia Fox strutting
    and walking around remind me back to her beginning days as vindictive and
    savage. But really used pretty bad treated as a jobber. #giveFoxyaChance
    Cameron here was good too. 

  • Brazilian Guy

    Cameron is a great heel,and she has the mic skill she just need improve in
    ring but I give my props to her.

  • bengwenken

    I liked this match, Cameron was actually great in the referee position. I
    hope Alicia or Natalya wins the battle royal. And is it just be or when
    there is a divas matchs that doesn’t involve Paige or The Bellas the match
    is better and more entertaining?

  • Bad News Barrett

    Can I have some decorum please?
    Divas, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news
    Paige is gonna win the battle royal
    For more breaking news stay tuned to BNZ
    Thank you very much!

  • CH14MX

    This match was only 3 minutes but Alicia and Natalya made the most of it.
    As much as people don’t like Cameron I think she’s kind of underrated. Her
    ring work needs improvement but her mic skills don’t. She is a good heel,
    she makes you want to punch her in the face which just means she’s doing
    her job.

  • Kevin Acosta

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Cameron win the Battle Royal by cheating and then
    winning the Divas Championship by cheating which would lead up to Cameron
    giving a promo where she is then interrupted by Naomi who says that she is
    tired of Cameron cheating all the time and then asks the crowd if they want
    to see a Divas Championship match where hopefully the crowd will cheer and
    the title will be Naomi’s.