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Natalya is primed for the Divas Battle Royal: SmackDown Fallout, April 9, 2015


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  • The Floridian Gambler

    Raw in London means Paige must win or else the crowd will riot like crazy,
    just like they did in Philly.

  • Bad News Barrett

    Can I have some decorum please?
    Natalya, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news
    My UK legend Paige is gonna win the battle royal
    For more breaking news stay tuned to BNZ
    Thank you very much!

  • Cameron Wall

    Naomi will win or she will be cheated out of the win in some shape or form,
    but she will still be involved in this story. Naomi isn’t deserving because
    she doesn’t have character? Besides Paige which diva does? You say Alicia
    but as of now she has no character, so why is she more deserving than Naomi
    other than her not being champ in a while and you preferring her over
    Naomi? Secondly, what character did Kaitlyn have when she won the title?
    Eve’s first two reigns, Paige’s first reign etc? None of them had character
    during their reign.

    IMO Naomi is deserving of the title and is very ready. She’s proven herself
    throughout this whole year that she’s able to ground herself in ring and
    work to others strengths, she had the storyline with Miz and showed that
    she could be decent on the mic despite sometimes coming off as forced. And
    behind Paige and The Bellas she got the next solid following along with
    Nattie. To me that is a sign of someone that is ready.

  • hisham dryan

    alicia has the talent and the character to be the next divas champ cameron
    has the character but she needs to train harder and also natalya new attire
    and hair is just perfect #givedivasachance

  • CH14MX

    It’s pretty obvious who’s going to win this battle royal but who knows WWE
    might surprise us. I honestly don’t care who wins it as long as the title
    is off Nikki Bella. But I highly doubt they’re going to take of the title
    off her because of reasons I don’t want to get into.

  • Darksider95

    Great way to bring a feminist analogy into wrestling Nattie, like there
    aren’t enough sexist, shobanist pigs in the wrestling business as it is…

  • Claire Legrand

    I love Natalya so much. She’s one of my favorite WWE female wrestler. She
    is an amazing wrestler. Her mic skills need a little work, but other than
    that she’s perfect. I can see that her mic skills improved a lot so it’s
    not a problem. I really hope she gets another run as Divas Champ. She
    honestly deserves it so damn much. I don’t think anyone has ever looked as
    good with the Divas Championship as Natalya.

  • Rom The Space Knight

    well i hope that this divas battle royal is better than the one they had at
    last years wrestlemania.

  • CsFitzy

    Just get the belt off Nikki. So sick and tired of the Bellas and while your
    at it just trash that ugly title and design a new one and call it the
    Woman’s Championship.