Make Your Hair long and beautifull/اپنے بالوں کو لمبا اور خوبصورت بنائیں

Make Your Hair long and  beautifull/اپنے بالوں کو لمبا اور خوبصورت بنائیں

Of course, evokes the sweetness of childhood, and our desire silky hair merges with the desire to find baby hair, in which we go hand in one fluid motion, smoothly. Luckily, adults can keep or restore hair very soft, very shiny. Provided to really take care of hairs, to massage gently, brush delicately, without brutalizing her hair. Sweetness, this is primarily a contact, a gesture, an attitude toward oneself, and it is in the shower it starts.


It is at this point that, through ignorance, errors are committed. Well-meaning, often used too much shampoo and rub vigorously head to lather as possible “so that it washes better.” “This is a mistake! This is the best way to weaken the roots and tangled hair. ‘

First Massage your scalp with shampoo for a minute: place your fingers on the head as the legs of a spider, and gently massage without moving your fingers. The goal is to loosen dirt and excess sebum. Then gently wash your hair in the direction of the length, not tangling, returning hands well inside, as a surface wash abyss already weakened by a hair’s length. Needless to leave on your shampoo (unlike the mask), it adds nothing to the hair.

If you have long hair, do not wash the head bent forward, but back in the shower, as the barber, not weaken them and facilitate detangling. Do not put your shampoo directly on the head. Remove the equivalent of a small nut in the palm of your hand and dilute it in water before evenly on hair.


The comb is the only accessory that could unravel the knots correctly on the surface but also inside the hair. Attention, even if it is strong, your hair will not withstand a comb too energetic, If wet. Again, please be lenient. Use a wide toothed comb, plastic or horn, in order to clean the water. For combs or metal tend to pull the hair.


Who says use the dryer often said temperature is too high. However, heat is the number one enemy of the hair. It dehydrates and makes it brittle. It also has a mechanical action on the scales, which will open a little like the trunk of a palm tree. “This gives a very rough touch, because the hair hangs, hair is soft smooth whose scales are closed. The ideal is to let your hair dry in the open air. If you’re in a hurry or if you are cold, start to pre-dry warm air, holding the dryer six inches of your hair.

If you want to look well groomed. When your hair is almost dry, take only three or four strands on top to blow drying with a round brush. Do not place the dryer on the brush, and then you may dry out your hair.



Brushing is essential. It was he who oxygenates the scalp, removes dust accumulated during the day as well as residues of styling products that eventually suffocate the hair fiber. It is also he who gives volume to the hair. “A hair brush is used to brush your hair … not the scalp

gently every night before you go to bed, brush your hair up, down, head bent forward, and on the sides. It is not necessary to give one hundred strokes of the brush as little girls, brush still twenty times.

Attention danger!

Here’s everything you need to save your hair:

Anything that requires the scales to open, making it vulnerable hair: shampoo and color brightening, but also salt and sun, fading.

Overusing colors long, which are embedded in the fiber.

Perms, which break up the movement of the fiber to impose him another.

The styling (spray, gel, hairspray, mousse) which hardens the hair to hold it in place.

Anything that dehydrates the hair and makes electricity: heat, wind, air conditioning and heating.

Men Hairs

Men have hair softer than women, they have short hairs. Exit the forks so, the fragility and appearance related to rough lengths. However, a frantic gesture (e.g., rubbing his head very hard with the shampoo it goes faster, then rub the head hard with a towel to dry it better) is prohibited. Otherwise, the hair follicle will eventually fall and nothing says he will push as before…

In addition, as the use discolorations and use all kinds of styling (wax, foam, gel, spray) have become practical as well as male and female, both sexes will soon be equal in the field of hair woes.

Secrets of beautifull hair:

                                                                                                    بالوں کو خوبصورت بنائیں 

Make Your Hair long and beautifull/اپنے بالوں کو لمبا اور خوبصورت بنائیں

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Make Your Hair long and beautifull/اپنے بالوں کو لمبا اور خوبصورت بنائیں

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