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  • david sheen

    Very professional the way she got up and finished the routine. I really do
    not think this is the place to pump religion if your religious great for
    you but i do not think everyone else wants to see it spammed here

  • ricardo clemente

    Satan give her an invisible kick. Although she loves the devil, he doesn’t
    love her back.
    But don’t worry, sooner she will have all eternity to know that…

  • gldesmarais9356

    Sodomy is not an acceptable “alternative” lifestyle; it is wicked sin.
    Madonna even goes as far as promoting bestiality. She is a twisted sicko.
    God loves all sinners as I do; but God hates sin… and so should we as
    Christians (psalm 97:10). Although I have often been accused of hating
    sinners; I truly do not. I don’t hate Madonna; but I DO hate her heathen
    influence on millions of young girls. Madonna will split Hell wide open
    when she dies (2nd Thessalonians 1:8,9). I say that with great sadness
    because I do not want anyone to suffer. God doesn’t want anyone to suffer
    in Hell (2nd Peter 3:9). However, Psalm 9:17 declares that the wicked will
    be sent into Hell. I do not hate Madonna, nor anyone for that matter… I
    simply hate sin because it destroys many lives and ruins society.
    Wickedness spawns more wickedness.

  • steve d

    It’s always sad watching a pensioner go down like a sack o’ spuds.
    According to research that I read a few years ago, falls among the elderly
    are a major indicator of looming death.
    A significant number of elderly people are dead within a week of a fall.

    Madonna Fall Brit Awards 2015 During Performance:

  • Ginger Krokus

    After that amazing performance by Lady Gaga at the Oscars.. Madonna had to
    do SOMETHING to get all the attention to her, right?

  • DnB Soldier

    That old twat needs to hang it up already. Nobody wants to see some bloody
    geriatric prancing around in their knickers

  • Lilla Smith

    That long cape was a horrible idea… After so many years on stage she
    should have known that such cape can be in her way, she or anyone else can
    step on it. 

  • Lucas Alves

    she’s literally a 50+ year old woman with the voice of any old lady singing
    at a karaoke bar who can somewhat dance and needs to expose her boobs and
    crucify herself to gain popularity because she can’t do that with her own
    talent. Fall bitch, fall. lol

  • Carolyne S

    Interesting when she says…I let down my God …she gets yanked off
    stage…mmmm…think they call it Karma. About time she stopped lying and
    conning the masses and put some true spirituality into her works…..I have
    little sympathy she is not a good role model for young people……its a
    satanic performance and serves her right..she tripped over her own vanity
    and ego! We all have to face God in the end..even Madonna! 

  • Jazmine

    What’s with all the devil satanic crap lately? Remember when when it was
    just them being sexy with backup dancers and actually dancing with cool
    moves. Now it’s full blown creepy rituals, Lady Gaga dripping in blood,
    Miley dry humping a teddy bear half naked etc. it’s stupid, low and
    desperate. And it really is starting to look like they are pushing some
    sort of diobolical agenda. Why do we continue to watch this crap??? 

  • Annette Jenkins

    So What!-Everybody takes a tumble!-She’s looks “Glamorous” doing it!-I was
    Face Down in my pajamas getting the mail-Lol!-Im not her age, it can happen
    to anyone! And I didnt have on heels!(Flat House Shoes!)-Lol!

  • Sophrosyne31

    Madonna in 2015 is about as interesting as a box of Kleenex. Yet more pop
    music dreck using satanic/occult imagery and Illuminati symbolism. Wow, the
    braindead pop music industry in the US is really running out of ideas now.

  • Solar Flare

    More satanic symbolism and ritual performance from one of the main puppets
    of the music industry. Why do they do this shit??? 

  • Gina Sousa Branco

    Try to fall backwards on the ground, from one meter height and without
    counting with it & I want to see how you look after.
    The Queen of Pop did, got up and continued as a professional she is.
    “Armani hooked me up!
    My beautiful cape was tied too tight!
    But nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up!
    Thanks for your good wishes!
    I’m fine!” – Madonna

  • Tee Hee

    It looks a little pre planned. Notice all the dancers. Nobody reacts…
    Almost like it was meant to happen. Madonna is good at generating PR. It
    seemed to work everyone is talking about her. Just sayin

  • mxkt77

    We’ll it’s not my fault either! I thought she was around 70 or something.
    Tic-tac, time’s running out Madonna!

  • Joey Cyrus

    You guys act like youve never seen anyone fall before, i bet all of you 1.8
    million people who have watched this will fall at 56 and wont be able to
    get up because your ass is too fat or not in shape. Does anyone Remember
    LAST TIME MADONNA FELL OFF HER HORSE & broke Several Bones?? She used it as
    inspiration for her Confessions Tour and had an EQUESTRIAN Theme with X-Ray
    pictures of her injurys which gave her the Guinness world Record that year
    as “The Confessions Tour was dubbed as the highest grossing tour ever for a
    female artist” So next time one of your fat asses Falls to the ground lets
    see if you Make 227Million Dollars from Falling. Thank YOU! 

  • Ben Harris

    She’s totally fallen down all those steps like geeze guys there’s just so
    many omfg etc etc so in other words 2 steps. How the fuck is someone like
    madonna even still relevant is beyond me 

  • Seventh Seal

    The Holy Spirit in the form of the wind is angry because of her satanic
    theme. Didn’t you notice, it was the wind which was part of her props that
    blew her cape and pulled her off from the stage. Many innocent children
    died because of drugs, suicide, prostitution and the like because of being
    influenced by the devil and yet Madonna sings and rejoices the death of
    innocent people and hails the prince of darkness. Jesus Christ is almost
    coming! This is the ultimate message! So all of us must repent and change
    our ways. Praise the Father in Heaven! You are Great and Merciful!

  • robin traylen follows

    So glad she fell, it’s well documented that the old slapper is a control
    freak. Cover up, your music has got boring

  • Nick Kellie

    Madonna – capes don’t hurt people, people hurt people!! She is a disgrace
    to the cape wearing community and quite frankly is a fair weather cape
    wearer with absolutely no professional cape experience. She has indeed been
    shunned from the OCW (Organisation of cape wearers) for the unauthorized
    abuse of a cape for purely aesthetic and non functional reasons. It’s
    people like her that give us professional cape wearers a bad name and quite
    frankly smear our name and the true joys of cape wearing for generations to

  • Roberto Monte

    I think her “FALL” was staged. Look how all dancers are calm when she
    falls. And think how strong the dancer had to pull her, that she would
    fall. Lastly she recovered very fast. And look to the “final result”
    everybody was talking about her. The first thing you enter to the google by
    starting Madonna pops out “Madonna falls”. Finally look to the performance
    on Grammy’s. It was flawless. But there where no feedback or at least it
    was very temporary.

  • alexis pennington

    I think she was really brave for continuing the show and that she is 56
    years old that is awesome. Every music artist has either been sick or has
    fallen on stage. So it’s not a big shock that she fell, but that she is 56
    and still can play it off and continue is amazing. 

  • Nastya Zubenko

    I admire and love Madonna! She slayed Brit awards! She is a true
    professional! Without her, this ceremony would be terribly boring and
    uninteresting! Bravo, Madonna!!! The Queen!!! One and Only!