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  • Janaesia Lewis

    Liam did right, she never should’ve started anything. I tweeted her and
    tagged her. Then she says something to me but but its indirect, but yeah
    its what ever…she just wants to be known, and btw that’s not a good thing
    to be known for…and she talking bout “remember don’t mess with belibers”
    and I’m like…who are u compared to Directioners…like u just dont
    know…but yeah. She had no place doing all that she still being indirect,
    while I’m being direct as I can.

  • Elleisforeverxoxo

    lol directioners are too full of themselves . Every fandom has those
    asshole people who are gonna talk she about your fandom so it’s not just
    beliebers. Like when y’all made a very horrible hashtag bringing Avalanna
    up in a horrible way. Liam should have just ignored the tweet. Shouldn’t he
    know by now to not address the haters. It just pisses me off that beliebers
    get blamed for a lot when every fandom does it. Like literally calm down
    and stop bashing one another because that makes you just as bad as you
    think the other person is. That’s just my brief opinion.

  • Charlotte W

    I agree with Liam. People are way too sensitive, and they act like they
    have to defend someone just because they like the persons music. It’s

  • Karla De la Torre

    Haha the bitch deserved it I’m just saying what she said was disrespectful
    to Liam and to the rest of the guys. He has the right to defend himself. 

  • believz

    I like 1D, but honestly, if you’re gonna compare him to justin,no way out.
    It’s true that justin is a lot more successful and talented than him, just

  • Grace Lamb

    I don’t think that, that belieber was right to say that but Liam shouldn’t
    have responded. Justin didn’t do anything to Liam and Liam dissed Justin
    which is unfair to him. I think that both Liam and the belieber were wrong
    here tbh.

  • Patty A.

    Look the girl had it coming. All the crap she was tweeting. It was more of
    an insult to the girl then to Bieber. Plus what Liam said was true. Justin
    has made a bad name for himself. 

  • Faith Richards

    I don’t think he meant it as an insult to Justin. He was most likely just
    telling the fan that she needs to stop acting as if Justin’s a god

  • Kylie Lovato

    lol i bet when liam was tweeting that he was hanging with justin…. media
    blows everything up for attention

  • Jessie P

    I’m a huge JB fan, but that fan shouldn’t of tweeted him that, but I the
    same time Justin is way more successful then him and if you can’t see that
    whether being a belieber or directioner then your being ignorant, cause
    last time I check Liam doesn’t have a diamond award…………..

  • Lola special Swiftie

    he tweeted this cause he’s fucking jealous :p
    i mean who reply haters anyway :p if he wasn’t jealous he wouldn’t care
    so simple.

  • Xx..forever...xX

    Ya know what’s funny? The little thought people give before posting. First
    off, Liam follows Justin on twitter..Justin doesn’t follow liam. Second
    liam had tweeted about how he likes Justin’s music and likes him. Justin
    couldn’t care less and thirdly justin didn’t even retaliate. To be honest
    at least Justin apologies for his mistakes and helps to make a difference.
    When have one direction ever suprised a fan at there house? Have they ever
    flown someone to go see them? No. Justin’s bond with his fans is something
    only him and beliebers can understand. If you wanna have a go at me fine.
    You can’t argue with any of my facts and honestly I have expressed many
    opinions all I’m saying is Justin didn’t respond or let it get to him.
    Jokes on Liam. 

  • Mary heart

    This little 12 year old has a twitter.!? What.? Who would even listen to
    that dumb little bitch. And Liam is way better. Than jb just saying 

  • Mafer

    It’s funny that Liam makes jokes about Justin’s jailing when his peers
    were smoking weed, That is just as bad as that, and nobody says anything.
    btw , wasn’t liam the greatest advocate of bullying? is doubly funny to
    make fun of Justin but he is a hero for enduring taunts .


    Beliebers are the rudest, most disgusting fandom out there! Directioners
    trended #LIAMHASNOCHILL and beleiebers TRIED to hashtag that one direction
    should die or something like that but they couldn’t do it like directioners
    because we are NICE and DEDICATED. I absolutely hate jb and his fans! Any
    defense for what jb has done or what his fans have done is completely
    useless and disgusting to me! #sorrynotsorry
    AND may I add that Liam is nice and actually has talent! JB has always been
    ugly inside and out. He is a bad influence!!

  • Janelle holland

    I followed the girl who tweeted Liam mean things. We were mutuals. And
    directly when I say those tweets, I unfollowed her. It was just really
    unnecessary. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at

  • Dana Satter

    Can’t we just respect both? I think it it extremely childish to “hate”
    someone. You would fangirl your ass of if you saw that person in real life.
    And then al these 12 year olds who start calling you things. Come to me in
    real life and then we’ll talk even though you wouldn’t be able to say
    anything cause you’re only tough on the internet. 

  • Diana Meza

    Yoo i dont know why people are bringing justin bieber in this he didnt say
    anything it was one of his fans #peoplehavenochill

  • Juanita Gómez

    I’m a Belieber and not exactly a Directioner but I LOVE 1D and each one of
    them but that girl’s tweet was not appropriate and neither Liam’s answer,
    why couldn’t he just avoid that tweet?

  • Laura

    The account that tweeted that was a troll account.
    (an account who tweets celebrities rude disgusting things and always end up
    above in tweet replies) js 

  • luv4ever911


  • music never sleeps

    the person who tweeted him was rude, but they *were* right. justin *is*
    more successful that him. and being arrested has nothing to do with success
    ?? what’s sad is that he never tweets fans, but tweets haters. 

  • N.jendless

    To be honest justin is better then Liam yes Liam didn’t get arrested unlike
    Justin but everyone makes mistakes get over it jeez #justinisbae 

  • Quin Noelle

    its belieber who start it not justin bieber , so why did you guys blame him
    btw, we don’t know what they went through so back off guys , don’t say
    something that we see but not knowing the truth of it ,,, haishh… 

  • Paige Barnes

    Mmkay. I don’t like one direction or justin bieber. I have nothing against
    them, but I just don’t like them. My opinion. But what Liam did was pretty

  • Joy Charlez

    Dear Directioners and Liam,

    I apologize for stupid half of my fandom. Fans like that are what we call
    Fake Beliebers. We really do love you <3

    Love always,

  • Josey Monroe

    I love 1D. All expect liam. I hate him sorry. He destroys 1D so much. And
    his voice isn’t better than j’s. And his body isn’t ever better than j’s.
    He’ll never ever be better than j.

  • Mαρία Ελένη

    Justin is and he will always be the best!!!!!!Justin made a mistake and
    Liam is making fun of him and that shows us that Liam cant find someting
    that he is better!!!!
    4 Ever Justin Bieber will be the best!!!!!