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  • Mandy S

    I’m excited for the next season. We still don’t know enough about it yet
    though. I want to know who else is in the cast. Which actors are returning,
    where it’s set. It feels like they’re holding back details longer than
    between previous seasons. By this time last year we already knew most of
    the cast, and where it was set. It’s cool about lady gaga and all, but I
    wish they could release a little more information. Probably soon.

  • rodentcafeteria

    This is nothing but a ratings grab in an attempt to get younger viewers to
    watch the show. You can’t convince me that with all the fine actresses
    they have on this show, even after the departure of Jessica Lange, that
    someone figured the leading character role should go to Lady Gaga because
    she’s such a good actress. . You can already hear the cries of how
    “amazing” it’s going to be, even though the show won’t air until October.
    We’ll see.

  • AbbyImaginary

    Wishing Jessica Lange and Lady Gaga would BOTH be a part of Hotel. (I think
    I’d overreact and faint or something though.) Sadly, I didn’t enjoy
    Freakshow as much as I thought I would. I can’t wait for this season! I’m
    not the biggest Gaga fan, but I do love her! Picking “Mother Monster” to be
    part of AHS? *slow clapping* Well done.

  • Robin Lindqvist

    Gaga’s really taking over right now, Oscar performance nad now this.
    Laughing att all of you who called her a flop! This will be amasing, you go
    mother monster <3 paws up forever

  • Tici Toty Tony

    I wonder how she will do, i didn’t expect her to be on American Horror
    Story as the lead, lets see what she can do

    I’m kinda disappointed that Season 5 will be Hotel Themed, i thought they
    were going with Sci Fi based. There was no indication last season that next
    year will be Hotel

    But I’m looking forward to what they can do, they can do a Norman Bates
    character, have a Demonic Suite like in Room 1408 or do The Shining.


    Here’s the thing Danielle. (And not directed to you) The artistic
    expressions are in her shows, her make-up. and the music she writes and
    sings. etc. She has always had the talents. ie. sings, plays piano, writes
    her own music, plays guitar, plays drums. is an actress (hopefully she
    won’t have Madonna’s curse) but all said and done, her story of WANTING
    FAME is different than stumbling upon it. She wanted the fame. she owned
    that before anyone told her she doesn’t deserve it, and she does. i
    understand where people come from when they base a person on their looks,
    and, behold! All the time wasted hating, and that could have translated
    into positive memories. What Lady Gaga did was build a platform for her to
    have a voice in this world. And that’s brilliant. SLAY MAMA SLAY!!!!!

  • slappy2013

    Hotel? Really? I was expecting something scary like MURDER house or ASYUIM
    or COVEN or FREAKshow. In all the seasons they had title that if you read
    you think of something creepy but hotel? All I think of is a kinky couple
    humping each other. I wish at lest if it was HAUNTED hotel or HOTEL OF
    HORROR. Hotel just doesn’t seem right but if it better than Freakshow and
    coven, I’m on board no matter what. 

  • Mikayla72908

    it almost disgusts me that gaga can swoop in and take the leading roll,
    since jessica lange is leaving. an on top of that sarah paulson was a
    rising star and wouldve taken the lead but than of course it was stolen.
    sorry to all the little monsters that are now gonna hop on the AHS
    bandwagon. but do your research before you come at me. 

  • Lady Cobra

    I want more Neil Patrick Harris.. he was so good in Freakshow. I’ll be okay
    with Gaga joining. As long as she doesn’t take the role Jessica Lange
    usually plays. Because we all know she’s left now. And hopefully HOPEFULLY
    Emma Roberts isn’t in this season. 

  • Whitney Tompson

    I think gaga will be an amazing role for hotel! I really hope hotel is
    scarier then coven and freakshow tho… I loved both seasons but they just
    weren’t that scary… I really hope they make this season a bit more
    terrifying after all it is called American HORROR story

  • Julia David

    Ok can someone PLEASE tell me if Jessica Lange and Evan Peters are leaving
    ahs. These two usually play my favorite characters and I heard they were
    both leaving!!??!!

  • Jk Rowling Rowling

    Gaga we hate you. You will ruin AHS! Go and do your stupid music. AHS is a
    great tv show and you will screw it fucking slut! 

  • TheScorpio Vampyre

    She’s very talented, so I think she’ll do fine! All of you people calling
    her talentless have no idea what you’re talking about. She was amazing at
    the Oscars. 2015 has been the year of Gaga!

  • Maggie Irene

    I don’t mind Gaga starring in AHS, but I’m just so disappointed that
    Jessica Lange is stepping out from season 5. l:

    I wonder if she’s gonna be gone for good or coming back in future seasons..

  • Alex B

    Imagine if LG5 comes out while AHS is on air and sells 1,000,000 copies in
    its first week like BTW? she will be the queen of the year. 

  • Kauri Neilson


  • Artur Aguiar

    To all those who are complaining that Hotel it´s not a good creppy
    theme…Go see The Shining and take a look at all things they can do on
    this season.

  • artisticxheart

    I saw her on SNL and she’s a horrible actor. AHS will surely flop now that
    she’s going to be starring in it. Why do TV shows cast singers who can’t
    act if their life or career depended on it?

  • Jesse Galindo

    Not much of a gaga fan at all but i hope shes a better actress and i am
    excited for season 5 can’t wait!

  • Will H.

    I have to say you GO GAGA!! everyone really thought that she would go
    nowhere, bet you all are hitting yourselves. being a fan of AHS I find this
    very intriguing!! I wonder if its a haunted hotel?!??? maybe gaga plays the
    manager or a main character ghost or something, I CAN’T WAIT till season
    5!!!!! 🙂 

  • Omar Alvarado

    very delusional haters i see. let me just tell yall something.

    lady gaga’s host on snl was meaning to be a comedy role(s) in various skits
    just showing her silly side a.k.a “comedy acting skit”. its not anything
    serious. what the producers of ahs did was saw her work on movies, before
    she was famous, and her creativity in her shows, giving her the lead role
    on the show.

    most delusional fans of ahs say “the show will suck now.” well the girl won
    6 grammys, performed at the oscars & stevie wonder tribute along with her
    engagement with taylor kinney, and now ahs. the producers of ahs have to be
    lucky to have a talented artist on their show.

    delusional fans always so butt hurt :p *sips tea*

  • demii_dee

    I’m actually super excited for this. I think Lady Gaga is good for AHS,
    however when I envision ‘hotel’, I just think of it being awfully similar
    to Murder House tbh. I imagine there being a creepy maid, some weird cook
    who probably chops people up for feeds the residents weird shit, and other
    crap like that. I don’t think they can do much that’s new, but hey.
    Hopefully they’ve thought this through and it’s gonna be epic, and
    different, like the other seasons. My hopes are up xD

  • heyyitsmealex

    In just 2 weeks she won her 6th Grammy, performed for Stevie Wonder, got
    engaged, owned the Oscars and now she’s going to star in American Horror
    Story. She’s so over right? Her career is done.

  • Jodie Siobhan

    I hope taissa farmiga is in ahs again & hope her and Evan peters have a
    love story in it. Season 1 was the best.