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  • maria brown

    I didn’t know people were still talking about them, I thought we all just
    agreed that there were fillers and it doesn’t matter because it’s her face

  • MsAllGoodNameTAKEN

    Honestly I think she’s telling the truth. She probably uses a nice
    expensive lip plumper to help. I know someday a my lips look thinner than
    others. It’s just natural for some people.
    Basically everyone in her family has gone under the knife, she wouldn’t
    have any trouble admitting it. She says she didn’t so just let it go

  • Yaquelin Torres

    She should do a video tutorial on how she does her lips. Prove to us that
    she hasn’t gone under the knife.

  • MCGamerzism

    What’s so bad about getting a lip job anyway?
    just fucking say the truth and the rumors will stop, it’s dead simple.

  • megan craig

    if they just look big because of make then she should put out a make up
    tutorial and prove that its just make up but until then its plastic surgery
    in my opinion ☺️

  • MujGaming

    Absolutely amazing video keep it up ! All of you people keep it up ! Never
    give up in what you do always try and try again . If you want to do
    something your not sure of give it a go I’m sure it will go well but not
    everything goes perfect , they will be obstacles on your way all you have
    to do is run straight through them and keep moving forward. Like myself I
    wasn’t sure of youtube and when I was making good content no one watched ,
    liked or subbed but now people everyday are starting to cause I never give
    up the content . I may have bad days and I may have good days but I keep
    moving forward and never give up . Hopefully this should help someone and
    if it did check myself out for more positiveness and have a great day:)

  • Yara Alnajjar

    I think she did a plastic surgery because even without makeup you can see
    that her mouth is bigger from usual 

  • Sanna Åström

    It’s obvi not just lip liner.. How stupid does she think people are? Lip
    liner and contouring do not make your lips look huge from the side. If it’s
    not surgery and its some kind of fullips device then at least fess up
    instead of “oh, just stop talking about this, it’s kinda insulting” etc,
    etc. yeah well, it’s insulting that you think people are stupid enough to
    believe it’s JUST makeup as well! Geeez

  • Infinityx 1d5sos

    I don’t like Kylie much, but I do know that her lips aren’t fake, she
    actually uses makeup because in some of her Instagram photos you can see
    her actual line and the liner she draws above it to make it overdrawn. 

  • SatanTheGhostLizard

    IMHO I think she’s telling the truth because sometimes her lips look bigger
    then other times and an example of this is that picture with the blonde
    wig. Her lips look much bigger then they were at coachella. Just my
    opinion. :)

  • Morgana Idieh

    What’s the big deal about getting a lip job. Why is it said to be a bad
    thing in the media. People can do whatever they want. I think she has
    beautiful lips.