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  • blackpeter70

    As the great Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan would say, “I would make love
    to her like a tigerrrrrr!”
    (make hands into tiger claws) “A tiiiigerrrrrrr!”

  • trbgem

    you people keep saying pedophile what makes him a pedophile a pedophile is
    a person who preys on children of the ages usually 5y to 10y, not teenagers
    she’s 17 half of you saying that probably are the real pedophiles or have
    probably been touched and that’s why your confused about the meaning of the

  • Starshinepie

    Why the hell do u need an entire mansion to urself at 17? So if ur scared
    get ur mom or ur dad to come stay with u. For gods sake she’s still at that
    age where she might need a nightlight. 

  • Ολγα Τσικνακου

    I think that they are in a bit of rush, but I also believe that in case
    they move on, this can only be good for their relationship.

  • Anthony Gonzalez

    I am happy that she bought a house instead of partying and spending
    irresponsibly. She works hard and she deserves it.

  • Jay Young

    In one of her close ups, Jenner has the look of a film noir star. And so
    does Nicole Richie. I like the look since I was film noir addict. 

  • Brooklyn Bella Baby

    I don’t think the relationship is wrong I just don’t think she’s ready to
    have him move in with him 

  • islbisl27

    They are so cute! Kylie is literally Perfect: she Looks gorgeous , has tons
    of money and seems to be really happy with her boyfriend. Wish i could be
    her right now , my Times are really hard. 

  • J. Mark

    These Kardashian cunts should have been born ugly and retarded cause they
    are the biggest wastes of lifes ever

  • Eva Licious

    I think that it’s sweet how he is going to live with her for the first
    month and this relationship is going out well

  • trisann clarke

    Where the hell you guys come up with some bull damit canthe girl live in
    peace yall always reporting who cares if shes moving in with him thats not
    even thru u ppl love to fuckin talk

  • beautyhearts23

    I think if kylie and tyga are in love its not so bad… i don’t knw its no
    ones place to be judging their relationship really

  • Katie Wigginton

    I honestly don’t see the problem with kylie going out with an older guy,
    it’s pretty common in the uk 

  • ChocoCocoChocC C

    Just wrong in my opinion he wants her to reach the age 18 so he can have a
    kid with her and take her to clubs . Like tyga grow up we all know what u
    tryna do because your playing dumb actually you are silly for it ,
    pedophile. Kylie
    Act your age and wait girl it’s just to early.
    When they get money they go crazy and do silly stuff e.g. Drop out of
    school, go out with a kid or get rich because of a tape hmm

  • Zsófia Bálint

    Chloe you are so damn pretty in this dress! 😀
    Also, can someone tell me what exactly Kanye said? I didn’t understand :(

  • missxcrazyy

    She’s moving in with anastasia, her best friend, stass tweeted ‘ can’t wait
    to move out with my best friend ‘ and they’re known for being best friends.
    (i don’t know her full name, is it anastasia? lol) 

  • Katelyn Lopez

    He buggin he can goto jail i know she about to be 18 but honestly we all
    know they fucking in there now she got ass

  • Simplemoony

    Age is just a number! So what if she’s 17 ? Honestly she looks older than
    17 & if her parents are okay with the relationship I don’t see nothing
    wrong with it 

  • Tonieka 'Champaigne Haughton

    Well go Kylie!!! What 17 year old do you know that owns a mansion ? It’s
    her money let her spend it. Tyga is only bound to move in if their dating
    and if he isn’t moving in he will be spending most of his time there

  • WesandNessa Love

    If my 17 year old child came home with a 24 year old boyfriend or
    girlfriend… I would guide him to my doorway and have Siri navigate his
    ass back home. I’m sorry, but what does a 24 year old have in common with a
    17 year old girl (other then raging hormones)? Her mother needs to stop
    being such a narcissist and put her foot down.

  • Eve Eve

    Who cares the girl is 17. What where you doing at 17. Exactly living it up
    at least half of us anyway!!!! The other half was sneaking behind our
    parents backs. Her mom don’t care so stay out of it. I do think it’s weird
    that Chris wouldn’t let Kendel get her own apartment at 17 but let’s the
    youngest. What’s up with that. Shot out to the Kardashians I love you