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  • raulkardash03

    I’m from Romania and I watch it on E! I know how they are seen in US and
    probably all over the world, but I’m not gonna lie, I really like them. 


    If I had 100 million dollars, I won’t have to work a single day in my life.
    I will be making a 1 million dollars a year, which is more the enough for

  • marisol cruz

    Well…… we all learned something, expose yourself and keep yourself on
    the news and you’ll be signing a 100 million contract in 5 years. 

  • Rico Suave

    This is the reason why people make fun of the intellect if females, because
    they are so engaged in abominations like twilight, 50 shades of grey, and
    the kardashians, stop focusing on crap if you want to get the same salary
    as men do and focus on business 

  • kim apoyon

    I like the show I’m not gunna lie, and they’re not all that bad. It’s not
    their fault they got in all this fame and money. The viewers are the one
    that got them there. But I just wish with all the fame and fortune they can
    help more charities out there, and do something that will make them more
    likable, instead of being viewed as talentless greedy fame whores. Before
    Khloe did a campaign of no fur because she was against animal abuse and
    animals being skinned alive. Now I see her wearing fur now along with all
    her family. They’re really starting to forget the important things in life
    that actually matters. 

  • Jordan S

    Am I surprised? No. Is it disgusting that there are people starving all
    around the world and THESE are the kind of people that are “deserving” of
    100 million dollars? YES. It IS disgusting. I’m gonna be sick. Society has
    come to an unimaginable low.

  • Joshua Hall

    Beyonce and Justin bieber have just as much money as they do so stop hating
    on them and acting like they have all the money in the world, all yall are
    stupid AF I swear 

  • Brianna Auger

    People should just quit bitching about the Kardashians and the show. If you
    dont like anything about them then just keep if to yourselves and stop the

  • Eyad

    life is not fair I work my ass off at college to get better education so I
    can be able to have a descent job and support myself

    and this clan of untalented bitches get 100 million for this bullshit .

  • debbie Akadely

    congratulations are in order for this family for being filthy rich just for
    waking up and merely existing….wooow what uniqueness they have…..they
    have perfected the art of being fame whores and still getting paid for
    it..and for this who want to argue “well they’re still richer than you’ll
    ever be” or “theyre moore relevant than you”…there are some people who
    aspire to be known for sensible reasons and are not following the trend in
    society today where people just want fame…good or bad they dont care…

  • TheGrandRevo

    I don’t understand America? They let these bunch of twats that never worked
    a day in their lives and lack a single ounce of talent in their bodies get
    famous, yet the US houses the worst cities in the world with economic
    downfall and street crime…but hey famous skanks is better 

  • artisticxheart

    Like the Kardashians need more money. What I don’t understand is how their
    so called ‘fans’ or anyone for that matter will watch this crappy show?
    You’re literally just watching these rich bitches whine and spoil
    themselves. Plus they aren’t famous for anything. They’re famous for being
    famous and none of them have any talent. Especially, Kim. I don’t
    understand anyone who watches this show.

  • Pink Mist

    Who knew a sex tape could get them this far? *slow claps* Well done
    Kardashians, well done. You are such an inspiration to future generations
    of girls everywhere.

  • Claudia Tay

    Kim is actually a really smart businesswoman. After the leak of her sex
    tape, she took the opportunity to start a career for her family. Kourtney
    and Khloe with the dash store and their Kardashian beauty line, Rob with
    his Arthur George socks line, Kendall and Kylie with their Pacsun and
    madden girl deal and Kendall’s booming modelling career(and she worked

  • lisalmf123

    100 million? That’s ridiculous! They are already rich. Why not do the show
    for free or any money made from the show, they donate to people and animals
    in need? Greedy much?