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  • Nikki Taylor

    The only reason people even give a shit. about these awards is because of
    people like kayne.

    But hey at least Taylor Swift made up with him the same night, that you
    know he insulted Beck.

  • JPmadn8ss

    omg who gives a fuck its people who posts these types of videos that make
    it so every little detail about a celebrity is exposed like its a big deal
    unless Kanye west is convincing taylor swift to take off her clothes in
    front of camera I don’t give a fuck id like to see her perky ass an tiny
    tits that’s it

  • PrezidentJafar

    if not for kanye interrupting her speech no one wouldve cared about taylor
    swift that interruption helped her career monumentally 

  • Honey Bee

    That was big of her. Kanye should be banned from these awards. He does not
    know how to behave like an adult. Shame on him.

  • honeyhued08

    Kanye put Taylor on to a broader audience because I had no idea who she was
    until Kanye interrupted her.