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Kanye West Runs Up On The Stage And Interrupts A Winner (Grammys 2015) Prank (Report)


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  • Jerry D

    Kanye is a fucking asshole in every sense of the word. But then again every
    culture has to have their standout embarrassment And that folks is Kanye’s
    role, I bet that mixed up Kardashian be inspired to tell the world that we
    just don’t no Kanye and what’s deep in his heart, Lmao…What a joke for a
    couple How many guy’s has she screwed in a row by the way? Can you say

  • Joel Silverman

    IT was not a joke idiots! No! No thumbs up for that used “tire” of a
    human…take his azz back from the rock he crawled out from under!


    He wasn’t joking he is a no talent azzhole! Artists need to lay off the
    damned auto tune as well that was way to difficult for me to even listen to
    that I had to skip past it. As for Beyonce she stinks as well and the only
    reason why people like her is for her body. My favorite part of the
    Grammy’s was AC/DC they sound exactly the same as they did when I was
    growing up and talent like that doesn’t need auto tune to be famous.

  • Gary Fahr

    Racist use different description and talk like you. Keep on showing who you
    are and what type of person you are. My conversation is done.

  • 1980'sRare&Unreleased

    he just doing it to gain more fame and attention am i the only one who
    realizes this? freak i barely know who the guy is and dont know one song by
    him (and i dont wish too) but all this controversy and talk on the internet
    got me to look him up which is a good example of how hes gaining more fame
    from it kinda smart and stupid at the same time 

  • Honey Bee

    Inappropriate to say the least. No one has the right to interrupt an
    artist as they are accepting an award! I wonder how Kanye would feel if
    someone did that to his precious Beyoncé. Bet he would lose his mind. NOT
    COOL ;(

  • Noartist

    i woulda smashed the grammy over this motherfuckers head then said what,
    its just jokes. cant wait for someone to do that. I don’t know this guy but
    i know enough to know i would absolutely hate him. His wife too.