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  • chan

    I guess it’s pretty obvious you are not a real journalist. You would know
    that when ur reporting something your emotions and opinions don’t matter.
    You don’t take a side. And for the record Amber slayed Kanwaste and the
    Kartrashian. He showered 30 times and then married a cesspool. His
    attempted dig at Amber Rose made him donkey of the day. #antiBiotics

  • KayT rifik

    if you listen to the first radio show amber never started a fight. she was
    simply saying that kylie is young.. Khloe whom I love by the way actually
    came for her. Kanye is nasty and insane and like i’ve said before one is no
    better or worse than the other ex stripper vs. ex porn star

  • Cass G

    This video is totally bias towards the Kardashians after hearing you say
    “poor little Kylie”, there isn’t a doubt. She isn’t a poor little girl if
    she is grown enough to date a 25 year old man. Kayne said it himself on
    that SAME interview that ” he got in early ” so they both know what they
    are doing. You guys pick and choose what you want to say to make the
    Kardashians look like victims oh please.

  • Taylor Tot

    Amber wasn’t going after Kylie. She was calling out Tyga for dating an
    underage girl. She was pointing out how young Kylie is, duh, because in the
    eyes of the law she is a child.
    What Kanye did was classless and gross. The Kardashian/Jenner clan need to
    sit down and wonder why they can justify their kid being with a man with a
    criminal record and that’s 8 years her senior.

  • Pixie Wixie

    You guys are some kardashian groupies, so what if she was a stripper at
    least she had a job cause you usually can’t get a job at 15 and strippers
    make a lot of money , she’s right too , Kim is a whore and who knows Kylie
    may even be getting raped, so stfu

  • Boom Chicka

    Team Kimye. Amber Rose has no business coming for the Kardashian family
    when she was a stripper at 15. It is beyond hypocritical. But of course
    people will take her side anyway because everyone despises Kim Kardashian,
    even though we truly don’t know if she did leak or own sex tape or not, but
    considering her crying and whaling on her show like a child after it
    leaked… I really doubt she did. And we all know she’s no actress. 

  • veronica linn

    Team neither!
    Kim and Amber are THOTS and kanye is a narcissist
    Kylie is just followin in the footsteps
    It’s sad
    But what ain’t sad is how fucking filthy rich they r
    Fuck! Lemme do so hoe shit and get rich

  • Cerys Raphael

    Team Amber, who gives a crap about the Kar-trash-ians? They’re just stuck
    up snobs who are famous for no reason. 

  • dinkypoo92mkm

    Too much drama.She was here in Trinidad for our carnival Amber Rose that is
    . But this feud needs to stop already jeezz

  • victoria asamoah

    Yo be honest im on the K’s side..Amber dosent need need to be hating on a
    17 year old..for goodness sake you were a stripper at 15.i know Kim got
    famous for a tape that got leaked blah blah blah but is it her fault people
    watched it no. I also know people hate the Kardashian because they don’t
    have to work to get money and every single celebrity had to work their way
    up..as for the k’s they just woke up one day and became rich..but Amber
    should have taken the high road and not cause any drama

  • Jules oreo

    I think that amber rose had no business coming for kylie. If kylie is the
    baby amber says she is, then why is amber going after a little kid???? What
    kind of grown adult talks crap about a seventeen year old? A jealous one
    who clearly feels the need to attack someone else to make her feel better
    about herself AND for publicity. We all know if kimye so much as goes to
    target for soap the media goes hectic, so of course amber knew she would
    get attention for what she said. I get what she said in the fact that tyga
    and kylie’s age difference is major, but there was no need to make it so
    negitive and insulting and there was definitley no need to diss Kim just
    because she ran out of things to say on kylie.

  • Julian Prince

    Did that Nigga Conway West just Defend his industry whore of a “wife” slash
    baby muva????
    Wonder if Wiz gonna say some shit defending his baby mama..

  • Elijah Broadus

    Amber rose wouldn’t be amber rose without kanye. If he never dated her we
    would never know who she was. 

  • Adrian Garcia

    People only pick Team Kimye, because they’re more known. They’re all
    whores, the kardashians and amber so tf.

  • issai23

    The only thing rose really has on the Kardashian is the sex tape. Legit the
    only thing she kept bringing up. What 17 year old goes to bed at 7? She
    should be worrying about herself and her son and not the Kardashian cause
    it’s not her business.

  • Suzanne Annie Mpacko

    it’s really fucked up for Kanye to say that I don’t see nothing wrong with
    what amber said for him to base her like that tyga and kylie relationship
    is illegal in the first place. Kylie is a baby just turned 17 and goes out
    with a 25 year old grown ass man I don’t have nothing wrong with their
    relationship but I don’t know why Kanye said all that he’s so disrespectful

  • David Landeros

    Eminem was the first rapper to diss people and 2pac!! Now Kanye wants to
    look cool by dissing someone!!? Bitch PLZ!!!

  • Uzochi Okoronkwo

    This news outlet is trash and so biased. Amber didn’t even come at Kylie in
    a disrespectful manner and was emphasizing her age because of the
    disgusting and ILLEGAL relationship she has with Tyga, a grown ass man.

  • Yocelyn Arias

    Kanye West should be embarrassed of talking like that… at the end of the
    day he ate her Amber’s a$. …between Kim and Amber there’s not much
    difference … Kim is classy.. Amber have style .. Kim look old already
    because of the lip injection she have a nice body and butt … Amber is a
    bit ghetto but he face look more youthful n her body look sexier than Kim
    … Kim’s leg are to skinny 4 her butt.. 

  • paula andrea

    Ambers real she knows where she comes from and embraces it.. . all
    kardashians and kanye are so plastic and fake. Thats why kim and kanye make
    such a great couple.. I hate kanye hes so lame.. idc how much money he got
    he a fucking douche bag who thinks hes Jesus for real. Get the F*ck outta
    here with that. Not even Jay-Z and Beyonce wanna hang out with your fake
    ass specially after marrying hollywoods most controversial, annoying, fake
    ass whore.. 

  • yuna yo

    Amber didn’t said anything bad about Kylie. She only stated that she didn’t
    approve of tyga who is 25 dating a minor, Kylie at 16 who just had turn 17.
    So I don’t understand all the hate Amber been getting, esp from her ex. 

  • Anthony Gonzalez

    first of all amber rose needs to shut the fuck up. she is telling kylie
    that she is a baby at 17 years old for dating a older guy when she was
    stripping at 15. She is a fucking slut. She is probably only doing this
    because she needs publicity. I never knew who she was until now. Kim is
    1000 times better looking than her. She is just a hating whore

  • SuperBizalz

    How many showers does Kanye have to take to get Ray J’s jizz stank off?

    …how many mouthwashes…? Hahahaha!!

  • Christine Pina

    I love Kim and them bout ima have to go with Amber Rose because she is
    speaking the truth Kylie is to young n kayne had no right to say that
    because he was in love with Amber rose once be for n lil miss Kim is not no
    perfect she had a porn come out n she grew up money not Amber rose she had
    to work hard for that money like everyone else 

  • Valerie Macovei

    Amber is right at one point. Tyga had a family and he left his child and
    woman for a 17 year old teen, that has no idea how real life tastes like. I
    mean Kylie is a baby compared to him, and he is now mad at Kanye that he
    told the world that he and Kylie are dating, this isn’t real love or call
    it how you want, they aren’t even ready to tell the world that they’re a
    couple. If they’re really at the step to build a relationship, i give them
    1 year – Kylie or Tyga are going to get bored and than break up. The end of
    an shit ass story. The Kardashian/Jenner/West/Rose family is full of fake
    bitches! My personal opinion, don’t hate!

  • Isa-Rita Carvalho

    I’m not really on team Kimye. Look,don’t hate on me, but I’m not totally
    agreeing with what so many people are saying about Amber Rose. The fact
    that people have the audacity to compare Kimye and Amber Roses’ networth is
    ridiculous;I guarantee you that most of us haven’t even made 2 million so
    maybe we should all simmer down before telling amber to. Secondly, either
    way, they’re both standing up for people they love. Amber stood up for her
    close friend, and Kanye and Khloe try to defend Kim and Kylie.So if you’re
    on team Kimye, I get you.
    The thing I don’t understand is how Kanye’s going on about Amber and
    insulting her. Ntbr, but Kanye, it wasn’t really necessary. I’ve always
    been a fan of Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner, but I really think that
    Kylie shouldn’t be falling for these type of people (that have links with
    trouble). I hope Kylie’s feeling okay.