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  • Stoopid Unicorn

    I feel like alot of ppl give him shit just because he acts like a
    douchebag. But clearly he’s trying to turn it around. Y’all can hate what
    he used to be but don’t hate that he’s trying to change.

  • Noè Bozzini

    All you girls can’t even imagine how hard it is for a man with so high self
    esteem to apologize… I think he’s very sensible but tries to hide it. I
    kinda feel like his music is going to change once again and turn into
    something even more emotional than it’s ever been 

  • Cris Guia

    His nasty words against them weren’t tweeted. He spoke them out loud for a
    lot of people to hear. If he’s genuinely sorry, then his apology should be
    spoken out loud, too, and directly to them. Anyway, whether he’s sincere or
    not, and has a selfish agenda or not, apologizing is always a good thing to
    do, esp. when you have a child, so that she’ll be safe from the bad karma
    her dad attracts.

  • Kaitlyn Townsend

    I love Kanye! Aww so emotional when he cried… I’m so happy he seems to be
    turning around and apologising to Bruno Taylor and beck ! LOVE KANYE AND

  • Courtney Barbie

    I love Kanye. I know a lot of people hate him but he has almost always
    appealed to me and I like his music alot. And LOVE his outfits. I know he’s
    done some stuff that even I don’t agree on but who hasn’t.

  • Del Macaree

    Kanye is a Dick , end of !! My only joy about Kanye is that he married Kim
    and therefore saved two decent human beings from having to put up with
    these couple of idiots, and Beck should chin Kanye next time he has the
    misfortune to run into the little gobshite..

  • Alaa shamardal

    I wish from the deepest place in my heart that BRUNO MARS shall NEVER
    EVER cooperate with that man , Bruno’s talent & personality are to good to
    be around that man . 

  • M. Hunter ☆

    You’re still an arrogant, piece of shit you little narcissistic punk. Why
    did Hollywood have to adopt you as a celebrity in the first place? Oh yeah
    that’s right….because the degenerates out number those individuals who
    still have class & courtesy.

  • Cassandra Cranston

    I don’t listen to Kanye, only a few songs but I really like what he did. I
    like that he apologized, and he even tried to spark something with Bruno.

  • Roe La'Fway

    This FOOL out here crying when I’m trying to figure out if this stupid
    dress is black and blue or white and gold! Everything is not about

  • shunchunjun

    I like Kanye. I don’t necessary agree with everything he does, but a man’s
    decision is his own beliefs. Doesn’t mean everyone has to agree and like
    what he does. He’s still a great artist. Props to him for publicly

  • roger hopkins

    im not saying i dont believe him, but apologizing on twitter isn’t
    sincere……face to face would be alot better.

  • Vexii Cro

    All of you guys saying he’s an asshole and that he’s rude, look at what you
    are saying about him and think of how it portraits you as a person.. smh

  • SecretBeach Palawan

    Attention seeker nigga.big embarassment if America..same as his wife
    Kim.Whore of American showbiz.cant stand this guy..

  • Rama Moe

    Is it funny that he has a new album coming out and all of the sudden he’s
    trying to draw sympathy towards himself? This is all PR stuff.

  • Azucita Mercado

    Why is anyone still giving this clown the time of day, I use to love Kanye
    until he started pulling this kind of crap. You can’t keep disrespecting
    people and their talent on behalf of Beyonce (no I am no longer a Beyonce
    fan) or because you think you are “Kanye West, the end all, be all”,
    ruining someone’s moment because you have a difference of opinion. People
    seem to forget when he did that nonsense to Taylor Swift she was just a
    teenager, like really? What the hell man, amd then after he has made a
    mockery of himself then he comes up with some half-assed apology and
    everyone know this boy (because men don’t throw tantrums and pick fights)
    isn’t sincere at all, it’s no longer a mistake if you continue to do it.

  • Milena Petrossyan

    its good hes sorry, but honestly i dont entirely believe him. He apologised
    to Taylor than he did the same thing with Beck and talking that much of a
    crap towards Amber, im not a fan of her at all but thas was so
    disrespectful of him saying that to a woman especially now having a wife
    and more importantly a dauther. Hes human he made some mistakes everybody
    does but repeating them over and over again wont help him no matter how
    many times he apologises.

  • Lib Lou

    Actions speak louder than words. Civil gestures…. the tweets, but did he
    apologize personally to these artists…Now, act like grown up man and act
    more respectful to people… not just Beyonce.