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Justin Bieber’s Boozed Filled 21st Birthday – Beyonce & Cara Delevingne New Music? (DHR)


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  • LiwiaGoszynska

    I feel like Katy is right. It looks like Taylor started the drama only to
    make her look like a victim and cause pity. Like Katy said “someone has to
    be the perfect nice girls and someone has to be the evil”

  • Clouse Jones

    good to see Justin is still an asshole, for a second I thought he might
    have changed, but no my Great Expectations have been fulfilled.

  • Mily Pineapple

    Where is Misty? I haven’t seen her in a while. I’m getting the feeling that
    they might have fired her or something I’m not sure

  • Katy Perry

    I’m actually really glad that Taylor avoided the question about Katy! We
    don’t need to hear more drama between these two ladies 🙂 Hopefully they’ll
    make up soon! Katy is amazing and deserves to be treated well ❤️❤️❤️

  • Gaby F-R

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s my 1 year anniversary with Clevver!!!!!!!!!!!!! I
    honestly can’t believe it’s been a whole year. Love everyone at Clevver.
    Even the people who work in the background. <3 <3 <3

  • U TubeName Nicolle

    Dana Ward, girl your outfit is super cute. I also like the beige blue dress
    that was in the bloopers. 

  • Eyad

    I don’t like it when female celebrities fight and have feuds like girls
    should stick together and stop the high school drama .

    and the media just can’t let it go they love these things 

  • karma keepher

    Its so bad when you work for famous people THE BIEBERS- they ask you to
    take care of their property and I do so with honor,, Just to be fired
    because I stood up for a little innocent animal… now I cant even get a
    job because the Biebers lied and said PUBLIC I stole the animal Justin
    Biebers dad beet and abused how come, the Biebers keep voiding the truth.
    .Maybe the Biebers should stop trying to pull IM a good boy act to the
    public just to try to sell the new music coming out and instead take care
    of your continuing lies.. maybe this is why Seth Rogan wont roast the
    bieber, cause they are so dam fake.
    ABANDON THE PUPPY- Imagine when you where young ,and afraid, being picked
    up by the cheeks on your face, being told no body loves you, and if that
    was enough, being thrown outside in a snow dift just barely missing going
    over a second story deck.. now cold scared and shaking into want Karma’s
    future will be. Well Karma has, by the hands of Justin Bieber.s father.
    Hello my name is Karma AKA the beaten down ,abused and abandon puppy dog,,
    once owed by the Justin Bieber’s. Please help,by reading Karma’s story. The
    true story of Karma’s earlier abused life in this e-book. Plus many years
    of destruction paths Jeremy Bieber created..The Biebers never did come back
    to pay for up keep or to retrieve Karma.

  • shahnaj begum

    I would love to be clevverette of the week because Wednesday march 4 is my
    14 birthday and it would make me so happy also Tuesday march 3 is going to
    be one year since I have discovered clever and I love you guys so much you
    guys keep me updated on all the Hollywood news reports and drama I watch
    clever news every single day never miss a episode and my favorite thing is
    rumor patrol love the funny rumors out there most of all love you guys

  • Kasra sadrehashemi

    Carley Rae plase write a song that does not make you sound like a sixteen
    year old girl .you almost 30 for god sakes.

  • AudriRC

    I had I crazy weekend too, I spent my weekend doing a 30 hour famine to
    rise money to feed to children who not have food!!! & my church raised over
    5,000 dollars!!! #30HourFamine 

  • ToriVegaVe

    Please Taylor please please please PLEASE keep making more music please and
    dont worry you will be fine its probably just a stage in your life where
    you cannot find inspiration i know you will find it soon even if its just
    not right now. LOVE YA

  • Lk Phillips

    Why does everyone care about stupid things like writing the first comment
    and being one of 301 people that watch this video before the 301st view and
    getting clevverette of the week. I understand, but why don’t you focus on
    more important things like your studies, your career, your family, etc. I
    love clevver, too, but your family always comes first, then career, then
    studies, etc., and then entertainment. For instance, I love Taylor Swift,
    but I always go to school first, then spend time with my family, then check
    my email, and then I can watch clevver and listen to Taylor Swift and watch
    Netfix and other stuff. Clevverette of the week is just one thing in a
    giant world. Think about the possibilities. What could happen if you get
    off the couch? You could write a song and become famous. You could discover
    your love of gymnastics and get an Olympic gold medal. Think about it.
    PS: I love clevver and DHR and Rumor Patrol and wish I could be besties
    with Dana and Misty and Erin and Danielle!

  • Daniel Mendez

    Dana and Erin,
    I don’t even watch other news outlets tbh. You two are my homies. No lie, i
    correct people around me all the time because i watch DHR and i’m informed
    by credible sources. Thanks for always updating us with the latest
    hollywood shenanigans :)

  • Mavis Miller

    Hey! I really want to be clevverette of the week. I’m sick right now and
    you guys really cheered me up!! Love you guys! You’re really pretty! 

  • NJ Ringlord

    Erin and Dana you are reading what you want into what Taylor said. Not
    talking about a feud that the media, including you all at Clevver, have
    made up from circumstantial and quite flimsy evidence is just Taylor
    avoiding giving the media anything to twist out of context and add fuel to
    their manufactured feud between Taylor and Katy. Taylor never says the song
    “Bad Blood” is about Katy nor does she mention Katy in the Rolling Stone
    interview where she mentions the song being about another female singer. No
    you all took the flimsy evidence of Taylor mentioning this person tried to
    hire a “bunch” of people away from her basically trying to sabotage her
    tour. Then Katy makes a cryptic tweet not mentioning Taylor or anyone for
    that matter and someone digs up the issue of the 2 or 3 back up dancers
    that left Taylor’s tour for Katy’s and everyone ran with it.

    Do either of you believe 3 is a “bunch” of people or that 3 dancers would
    be enough to sabotage a tour? Do you think so little of Taylor’s
    intelligence that you think she could confuse 3 and the term a bunch or
    that she would over react to 3 people leaving her tour for another when
    from what I understand they only took the job with Taylor’s tour as temp
    work until Katy’s tour started and it was in their contracts. People need
    to stop looking for a feud where there is none and the media needs to stop
    trying to make a feud where there is none.

    Even the so called diss attempts by Katy have been media manufactured out
    of nothing. Like the rumor Katy and Rihanna were going to try and ruin
    Taylor’s EMA performance and the source of the rumor never bothered to
    check and find out that not only was Taylor not performing at the EMA’s,
    but was not even going to be there. Then the same kind of rumor, likely
    from the same idiot source, came up for Katy’s Super Bowl half time show
    that she was going to diss Taylor. There was never the rumored song about
    Taylor and there was no diss, but again you all had to look for something,
    anything to stretch and twist into what you wanted to see there so you took
    the fact that one of the dancers during her performance of California Girls
    is wearing a high waisted, red bikini with white polka dots and said she
    was dissing Taylor because Taylor once wore a similar bikini.

    The media twisted the facts to get the story they wanted and you wonder why
    she refuses to talk about it and give any of you the chance to do it more.
    You even twist her not wanting to talk about it to mean there really is a
    feud. Just like you all reported a feud between Taylor and Selena for well
    over 6 months when there was none. Have pride in your jobs as journalists
    and report facts in your stories and save the rumors for rumor patrol.

  • Dafny Flores

    Hey Danawardonline and clevver news, it’s been all over my Twitter timeline
    that did Ariana grande flash a nipple on her private account on Instagram
    @hiddengrande ? Please answer I really wanna know btw I never miss an
    episode love ya

  • Alexia Evans

    You 2 ROCK together…..listening with headphones so my daughter will fall
    asleep. Yes, you can be a Mom and love watching DHR.

  • MissDramaQueen Sarah

    This is to everyone who is having hard time at life:
    Stop what your doing
    Look at the mirror just look how beautiful you are
    Guys just know don’t try to fit in with this world let you want the world
    to be you be you love yourself love others be nice don’t bully don’t swear
    Guys its about time this world needs to be change and we can do it
    Love y’all WE CAN DO IT

  • Sweet Candy Jewel

    Carly is making a comeback, with another cute, sweet song and very catch
    like ”call me maybe” everybody is going to be getting down to this I feel
    it in my bones (LOL) Beyoncé coming out with a new song heck to the yeah
    I’m going to be their for the audio cause I’m down for whatever she puts
    out. 6:12 That pic is so sexy and so beautiful and I love that Taylor is
    ignoring the Katy thing and not giving the reporter nothing, GO TAYLOR

  • Lauren Fredette

    I am not too excited about Carly’s new song tbh I have only heard a few
    parts of it but it sounds to repetitive too me but I’ll keep an open mind.