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  • mikuhastune0124

    Knowing Justin and Selena’s relationship, they’ll probably be married and
    on their way to a divorce by this time next year.

  • Emely Blanco

    yovanna and hailey we acting like friends so stfu…u guys are so horrible
    stop hating on Yovanna she’s a nice girl AND JELENA ITS OVER

  • selin karşal

    this is bullshit
    first of all selena is not dating zedd
    justin is also not dating or had a thing with yovanna
    and also he is just friends with hailey,kylie,kendall,stacie……

  • Viona Raifi

    Ugh Jelena= Gag Reflex! He’s such a child… and he looks girly-er than
    Selena does. That should not happen. She’s so elegant, mature and
    beautiful; so is Zedd. Justin on the other hand… lol
    No offense ;)

  • Princess Gabriella

    “She’s moved on with her older boyfriend Zedd” I’m just like WHEN DID
    SELENA DATE ZEDD? I love Zedlena though
    SO please hope this is true

  • dan kabongo

    Oh my god you guys just couldn’t resist naming selena gomez you guys are so
    obsessed not everything he does has to do involves her 

  • Selena Rodriguez

    I think it’s better if they just stay away from each other even tho I love
    Jelena I think it seems fair for the both of them!

  • karma keepher

    Its so bad when you work for famous people THE BIEBERS- they ask you to
    take care of their property and I do so with honor,, Just to be fired
    because I stood up for a little innocent animal… now I cant even get a
    job because the Biebers lied and said PUBLIC I stole the animal Justin
    Biebers dad beet and abused how come, the Biebers keep voiding the truth.
    .Maybe the Biebers should stop trying to pull IM a good boy act to the
    public just to try to sell the new music coming out and instead take care
    of your continuing lies.. maybe this is why Seth Rogan wont roast the
    bieber, cause they are so dam fake.
    ABANDON THE PUPPY- Imagine when you where young ,and afraid, being picked
    up by the cheeks on your face, being told no body loves you, and if that
    was enough, being thrown outside in a snow dift just barely missing going
    over a second story deck.. now cold scared and shaking into want Karma’s
    future will be. Well Karma has, by the hands of Justin Bieber.s father.
    Hello my name is Karma AKA the beaten down ,abused and abandon puppy dog,,
    once owed by the Justin Bieber’s. Please help,by reading Karma’s story. The
    true story of Karma’s earlier abused life in this e-book. Plus many years
    of destruction paths Jeremy Bieber created..The Biebers never did come back
    to pay for up keep or to retrieve Karma.

  • alysha francisco

    you guys need to fuckin let this Justin Selena thing go..
    I mean, sure this is ur job but not everything that Selena does have
    something to do with Justin..stop comparing them or their music or whatever
    the fuck they have in common! gosh, u’ll need to move the fuck on..

  • LalaLuvsLife

    but what was that picture on selenas facebook when she was all dressed up
    and it said “Always waiting on someone…” and then this one famous guy
    said that she was going. idek kno anymore ._.

  • Hana Dedic

    I just love your videos ♥ and about that dress that is evreybody talking
    about i see dark blue and black love you!!!

  • Advanceinulover25

    Oh forget the jelena fans! It’s Zelena’s time to shine! They are so cute
    and they make each other work harder!