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  • Valérie Souverain

    1) people kept pushing to get to him so obvsly the crowd moves in his
    direction and he’s getting less space. at a point in the video u can see
    him can out of all the flashes and stuff to take a deep breath. 2) he’s
    fucking claustrophobic-.-

  • Ashitha Mary Cristopher

    He just said “I can’t do it” when people kept pushing on him. I find
    nothing wrong in what he said.Why does the title say that he’s being rude
    with his fans??!!
    I wanted 2 subscribe this channel and i was just seeing a few videos of
    this channel b4 that….now i decided not 2 subscribe. I don’t think i
    should subscribe channels making fun of people and trying to spoil their

  • Nakeisha Hay

    Give the guy a break, seriously. Lol Imagine being over whelmed everyday,
    every minute of your life by people. It must get annoying and tiring to
    have to sign your own name or take pictures every minute of your life. Put
    yourself in their shoes and think about what they go through on a daily
    basis with crazy ass fans. Hearing females scream at you. I will never
    understand why people become so obsessed with these supposable
    “celebrities”. I can’t stand society lol

  • Emer Higgins

    Leave him alone I know I’m not his biggest fan but seriously if this is
    what you are complaining about well then u have no life what so ever I mean
    what would you do if you were a big pop star trying to have a good night
    but then you get into a big group of screaming girls what would you do I no
    I would do the same as what he did that’s just my opinion

  • OhThatsNiya !

    See This Is Whats Wrong With The World .. We Discuss && Try To Figure
    Things Out About People Who Already Have A Name For Themselves Not To
    Include Millions Of Dollars While We Sit On Our Ass && Argue In Comments
    About How Ariana Or Justin May Or May Not Be Divas …

  • jecapot12

    Haha. You probably don’t understand what it’s like to go some place nice
    and end up being crowded up by people yelling abg taking pictures of you.
    Give the dude a fucking break..

  • heyitsmejason1

    Do his fans really think bieber gives a shit about them,lol,grow up bitches
    all he wants from u is ur money

  • 13tkdgirl

    i agree with Dizzy Jones & jecapot12. The situation got out oif hand. ppl
    are crazy to say that just b/c he lost his cool it means he isn’t changing.
    that was just majorly rude and stupid to say. Justin had the right to walk
    away from the chaos. Anyone who thinks he didn’t are crazy and probably
    stupid. give the guy a break

  • mary vega

    He is claustrophobic and if your surrounded like that and cameras are
    flashing and your in a tight space you freak out he told them not in a rude
    way but he just couldn’t handle it he was a little freaked out 

  • Jackwoody413

    He wasn’t even being rude I’d normally agree because I hate him but there
    were like 30 people swarming him for selfies. Just let the guy enjoy his