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    reeeeeaaaaaalllllyyyyyy? just admit it bieber is just jealous that
    ms.selena is happy with zedd right now……and the rebound thingy? justin
    doesn’t even know how to play ball…….yeah i hate bieber more than
    vanilla ice rap music….and guess what bieber your big parasite in the
    music industry hahahahaha suck on that……

  • Justin Bieber!

    Justin Bieber Is Convinced That Zedd Is Just A REBOUND For Selena Gomez.
    Selena may be getting the thumbs up on her relationship with Zedd from her
    family and friends , but Justin is not a fan. In fact, the Calvin Klein
    model thinks his ex-girlfriend is in a “rebound relationship”, reports a
    popular website.

  • JoshTheGameGuy d

    good videos but u do realize b is a complete ass whole who doesnt give a
    crap about his fans if he had any other wise why would he have taken drugs
    get drunk and crash a rented lamborghini