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  • ginger fefe

    im team white and gold but kinda want to no who made the dress and how or
    is it just computer ppl that are so smart that could actually make the
    dress look that way at my school I said if your right hand what do you see
    they said white and gold and the leftys said blue and black but one of my
    friends is right handed and saw blue and black so idk

  • Rina Moses

    Its a illusion. Not everything that our eyes see might be the truth . The
    dress has one color and because of the light illusion the brain is play ing
    tricks thru our eyes. 

  • Keerstin Mason

    OK the person who time the pic really time three pic and this was just a
    prank for someone and it got at of hand for flipin fick the real dress is
    really blue and black no one is color blind lots of people are seeing
    different pic of the dress

  • Ellie Lawrence

    The person who posted the picture came out about it. She confirmed it was
    black and blue. Hehe* I knew it.

  • Zoe AbdelGhani

    Those who say that they have a problem in noticing the color are being
    tricked. I bet now u have a problem in believing this shit!!!!

  • LottaKissu

    I’m sorry but Ariana is not being a “diva.” I cringed so hard when you said
    that. She clearly feels the same way 70% of the internet population is
    feeling right now. It’s an annoying question that no one cares to answer.

  • Brianna King

    And lady u can’t say she can’t pick that. That is what she saw so stfu… U
    can’t tell someone what they saw.

  • Yamari Santillan-Guzman

    Its absolutely blue and black if you dont agree Its ok. I dont care. People
    dont agree so… it there opinion , im just saying:) 🙂 :)@

  • Amira McFall

    Omfg not this again people they r changing the filters on the picture every
    time someone looks at it no body’s color blind ad other people just say
    different colors like orange and white to start and argument with people so
    clam down its not that serious

  • AlaskaBeauty21

    Its blue and black. It was proven.

    At first I was like, “this is a joke right? Everyone is fooling with me.” I
    figured there was one troll who made it the opposite and everyone else
    decided to be a total tool and follow them. But apparently your eyes are
    just messed up.

    I think if you spend a lot of time on your phone and editing pictures then
    you see white and gold.

    I keep looking at different angles to try to see the white and gold but I
    just don’t see it.

  • jkhardy kanyakamin

    the dress is contrast with the lightin, i fucking give up with this dress
    its annoying so im agreeing to ariana just go dailymail you find it

  • AnnieStar11

    this is like the dumbest thing ever….it’s a fuckin dress…way more
    important things happening in the world. 

  • Isobella Sommerfiels

    The original dress is black and blue however due to the lighting some
    people see black and blue others see white and gold its due to your brain
    subtracting different colors to make it look like either black and blue or
    white and gold everyone sees something different it is just how your mind
    subtracts colors 

  • Mariam mohamed

    How the hell is Ariana Grande being a diva about it?! She was kidding you
    jerks. And she see’s what she see’s so its a option whether you like it or
    not. You aren’t Ariana Grande are you? NO. So back off and stop the rumors,
    we don’t need more gossip girls STARTING rumors, she wasn’t ever a diva. So
    f*ck off.

  • Louie Fernandez

    Most people don’t even care about the fu*king dress anyways Ariana is not
    being a diva about it. Like come on if your just calling 1 person a diva
    for not caring about a dress the you best be talking bout the rest of the
    world too.

  • Ολγα Τσικνακου

    I see the comments saying that most of you support blue n` grey. But I
    think it’s white n` gold. God, I’m very dissapointed of myself.

  • Zaroof Haider

    1) Grey and blue is what she sees so it is an option 2) I’m pretty sure
    what Ariana said was a joke [to stop asking her what color she thinks it
    is] and if you don’t have any humor, I’m really sorry for you because I’m
    taking this in a laughing matter… and also, if it wasn’t a joke, she
    doesn’t need people bugging her about some stupid dress for hours… I mean
    it would be really hard to deal with her feed! I mean you wouldn’t know…
    she has a lot more than you ever will… ARIANA GRANDE IS NOT A DIVA STOP

  • vict orious

    So just because ari said its grey and blue shes a diva? I saw it grey and
    blue too! And she was kidding about the first tweet , she always says stuff
    like that , wtf is wrong with the media? She almost died but continued a
    show , why isn’t that on the news?

  • Shaina Rivera

    Every one says White & Gold or Blue & Black

    But I feel like the odd one out wen I say I see a Navy blue and gold – ish

  • One of the loves

    Stop calling Ariana a diva. She’s just irritated like half of the
    population right now. I hate it when you guys just call her a diva like
    that. You asked her what she saw and she saw grey and blue there end of
    story smh

  • Skittle Scribbles

    +AsapSCIENCE explains what color it really is and why everyone is seeing
    it different so just go watch they’re video OMG, btw it’s black and blue…

  • Ratna Sari Dewi

    The actual colour of the dress is black n blue.. You guys can watch
    buzzfeed blue channel.. From there you guys would know the answer from the