Junaid Jamshed Summer Collection 2015 Vol 1 Catalogue

Every year, every season Junaid Jamshed brings us something special when it comes to this brand’s line of clothing. This label came into existence over a decade ago in the year 2002 in Karachi, Pakistan. And since then it has been leaving quite a mark on the textile industry of the country. It refreshes that mark with everyone of its latest collections. Their launches of the new lines every couple of weeks deeply symbolize and reflect the current trends and fashion in the industry. This brand has become one of the biggest success stories of the country because all their products sell like hot cakes!

Despite the owner being a well renowned celebrity in the country, this brand started out small. Initially, it only dealt with the retail of men’s wear. But as people appreciated their work and products, they soon expanded into categories of women, teens and children’s wear. They have also ventured into bridal items for the groom and have recently launched a line of fragrances by Junaid Jamshed. This brand’s major focus is on reintroducing traditional clothing in Pakistan with a modern twist to it. It is safe to say that they have played their part in modernizing traditional clothing in a modest and elegant way. They really have evolved the typical Shalwar Qameez attire into something that people would love to wear because it would symbolize the eastern ensembles yet it would remain very modernized. Junaid Jamshed also offers a range of fashion accessories that include items like shoes, jewelry and bags to compliment the outfits for every occasion.

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In just a short period of time, this label expanded with over fifty retail stores nationwide in many cities of Pakistan. When it comes to women’s wear, this brand offers a wide variety of Kurti Collection, Lawn (Stitched and Unstitched), Silk Collection, Hand-Woven Collection, Nearang (Stitched and Unstitched), Trouser, Jewelry, Stoles, Shoes etc. J.J is not only a stylish traditional outfit fashion brand, it is also a significant provider of intricate embroidery, seasonal clothing, modern cuts and machine prints that are simply stunning! Their flamboyant creations are greatly desired and demanded in the market. The clothes that they produce can be worn on any occasion ranging from formal to semi-formal to casual.

One of the things that distinguish them from numerous other fashion brands is the fact that weave their own fabrics where hand looms are used for fabrics like Jacquard, Khaadi and power looms for the production of plait fabric. The process of dyeing, printing and weaving is all done by the label itself. Junaid Jamshed has established itself as one of the leading brands of modern traditional wear in the market. Their unique work includes designs and embellishments like Gota Kinari & Block Prints among others. This season, this brand has launched Junaid Jamshed Summer Collection 2015 Vol 1 Catalogue  which is full of some amazing color combinations on high quality fabrics styled with the latest cuts and trends. Have a look and make your selections!


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Junaid Jamshed Summer Collection 2015 Vol 1 Catalogue

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Junaid Jamshed Summer Collection 2015 Vol 1 Catalogue

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