Indian HC summoned over border firing

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad lodged strong protest with India over the killing of a Pakistani civilian who mistakenly crossed the Indian border. Pakistan summoned first secretary of Indian High Commission at Foreign Office and conveyed to him the serious reservations over the uncalled-for killing.

3First Secretary of Indian High Commission was summoned to MOFA to lodge to protest over killing of an unarmed Pakistani inadvertent crosser.

The first secretary of the Indian High Commission in Islamabad was told, “The assassination of unarmed and innocent citizens is quite deplorable,” According to a statement by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It should be mentioned here that Indian Border Security Force (BSF) gunned down Amanat Ali, 40, at Shakargarh on the Working Boundary on Friday. Pakistan’s Foreign Office condemned the BSF’s act and held it as violation of Border Ground Rules.

Amanat Ali was shot by BSF across Shakargarh at Working Boundary. Pakistan strongly condemns BSF’s violation of Border Ground Rules.


At the time of his killing, Ali, along with other fellow farmers, was busy with his agricultural pursuit at field in his village Kothey-Shakargarh located in Shakargarh sector of Sialkot Working Boundary, according to Punjab Rangers.

Later at 1pm, Punjab Rangers officials received his body from the Indian border forces on Sialkot’s Working Boundary. Receiving the body, the bereaved family members along with the local residents mounted anti-India protest. The protesters were carrying banners and placards written with anti-India slogans.

Firing at an unarmed civilian demonstrated the intent to kill.India must respect lives of civilians and refrain from such provocations.

The mourners were of the view that Indian forces trampled the international border laws by dragging Amanat into their territory from Zero Line and shooting him dead unjustifiably.

Indian HC summoned over border firing

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Indian HC summoned over border firing

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