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  • Gino Orlandini

    I hope Zayn can keep his struggles, whatever they are, private, and just
    continue his life healthfully as he chooses.

  • April Boyd

    Zane can’t leave it would not make sense, they go only one diretion
    together not on there own in loads of directions

  • MrApp Bee

    Love this lol, all the little stupid obsessed fan girls claiming a 1d
    member would NEVER leave just got smacked in the face, absolutely love this

  • Counting321D

    He might surprise fans and come back but right now we needed him with the
    toughest of the tough times we all had and now he needs us even if we never
    get to see him anymore we will keep him in our hearts and pray that one day
    we wake up and hope that this was a hug nightmare that everyone is having
    right now! But for now we say God Bless you zayn you made my life happy not
    just mine but many others too now we need to make yours happy and help you
    get through bad times like you did with us and hope you change your mind

  • Laura Tompkins

    poor guy. I saw a few interviews he was in and there was always an intense
    darkness about him. I think he’s depressed. But then again, can’t
    diagnose it without knowing the guy. I really liked him, I hope he gets
    the help he needs. I’m sure the fame was ridiculous on his relationships.
    Good for him for making his way out.

  • stacy strickland

    all we need to know is that he had his reasons for leaving and being fans
    of one direction, he just looks terrible mentally, and physically. Whatever
    his reasons are, all we can do is speculate. I personall don’t believe its
    drugs. There are a myriad of reason why he looks unhappy, and exhausted.
    Now, we have to support liam,louis,harry, and niall. They still are one
    direction without zayn. I wish all of them.

  • Emily Anderson

    Zayn is most likely coming back. In recent interviews he’s always talked
    about how much he loves the boys and he can’t be without them. But who
    knows? Maybe it was just an act. I love Zayn Jawaad Malik and I always
    will. But there’s no doubt in my mind he’ll be bad. One Direction Infection

  • Jackie Campbell

    I Don’t Hear No 1D Fans Here.
    I’m Hearing Only Zayn Fans.

    Never, Thought I Will Say This,
    But, I Hope All Four Members OF 1D Break Up
    The End Of This Year, This Ridiculous.

    All, I’m Hearing Is Zayn This, And Zayn That.
    At First it was just Niall,
    Than My Baby Harry, Than Louis,
    Now it Zayn.

    Zayn never had this much attention,
    In Years since, He break away from the
    Group of 1D.

    It’s just so funny to know,
    All suddenly, Wants talk about Zayn,
    So much now…

    It’s No Wonder Zayn Left.
    I was angry at Zayn first for leaving the Band.

    But, After Hearing Some Crazy Comments,
    On Here As It Lately, I kinda Understand why He left This BS.

    Hopefully, Harry Be next to Go to,
    Sick of Stupid morans fans, throwing objects at my baby. Instead be
    appreciated for Harry,
    Liam, Niall & Louis remain in 1D Group.

    They want to continue Bit*h, about Zayn leaving and wants him back over and
    overt again in 1D.

    After, The Boy said, He can’t deal with it,
    Anymore….Stupid Fans can’t take a hit.

    If, There’s Anyone fault, For Zayn walking out,
    It’s you obsessed crazy losers to blame.


  • Ruby Parveen

    I think he should come back it won’t be the same without Zayn Malik if he
    don’t he will always be famous to me !! I hope he reads this by fan ruby

  • melanie gregson

    I honesty think he’ll come back, at least I hope so I feel like he just
    needs to get his life taken care of out of the fame life and get himself
    happy and off stress and that’s what all the directioners should doxD
    Support Zayn and the boys through this time bc it’s not easy. I hope that
    you get better baby and we’ll miss you even if you don’t come back your
    still part of One Direction❤️

  • BeautybyLiane24

    I totally agree that Zayn’s health comes first, plus this industry is full
    of drugs and I dont want Zayn to get worse than he is…

  • mandychun

    Poor Harry:( i hope directioner can stop throwing object on stage as it
    might hurt the boys! And its really sad to see Zayn go that fast:/ Gonna
    miss his high notes…