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Harry Styles Cries Over Zayn Malik Leaving One Direction – Band Reactions


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  • Tattooed Heart

    I’m sad, and breaking down too. And I’m in that part of my acceptance where
    all the hate comes out. So I say nothing about Zain Malik(notice it’s not
    with Y anymore because he’s not in the band) or One Direction because
    everything I’d say would be hate comments.

    It’ll pass eventually but it’s gonna take long. Probably even few months,
    because hell this was big thing for me. But when it does pass, I hope I can
    stay here to support the four-pieced band and Zain on his own whatever he
    decides to do because I seriously love them all. 

  • trisha60

    for anyone self harming, please watch my latest video! its harsh but true!
    please dont self harm! its so sad to see!!! let him be happy! 

  • ThatGirlJemmaxo

    Tbh I’m not so sad because I’m not a fan of Zayn but if it was somebody
    from 5SOS holy mother fucking hell I would die

  • Hanna Sjöberg

    My cat had returned home!!! ; u ;

    he was stolen by this girl who was babysitting another black cat for her
    friend but she ran away and so she took our cat thinking it was her
    friends. After one week this girl came back from her vacation to pick up
    her cat and she noticed it wasn’t hers!!! She saw my post on fb about a
    lost cat then went to the vet and they checked the chip and it was ours!!!
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  • chris L

    marriage , family , private life .. i heard this line 15years ago on almost
    boyband members leaving their group ..but all they do is pursue a solo
    career .. i hope hes the next robbie william , ronan keating or justin
    timberlake .. succesful members of a successful boyband even if their on
    solo acts .. but i think hes the next brian macfadden . left at the peek of
    their success ..singing on small stage and on few people while his band is
    doing world tour .. selling millions of albums .. and when he wants to
    comeback .. hes not welcome anymore .. tsk

  • SingingAllysa♥

    Zayn changed a lot and I’m worried about him.
    A few days ago he tweeted: “I’m 22 years old… I love a girl named Perrie
    Edwards. And there’s a lot of jealous fucks in this world I’m sorry for
    what it looks like x”
    It’s obvious he left the band for Perrie.

  • merna abdel rahman

    I cried for 7 hours straight and didn’t eat anything all day and had to
    sleep because I had a really bad headache because of crying 

  • skailey flan

    I love taylor swift but please don’t make another song about harry cause
    he’s starting to lose everything he loves

  • EvenEva

    But guys I’m losing a part of my life. I still feel heartbroken. I still
    cry. I still ask myself if I’m dreaming. I didn’t know how much he ment to
    me till I heard the news.

    Stay strong guys. Just stay strong.

  • Procrastinator100

    Absolutely disgusting. Everything about it. People cutting just to get him
    back? Young people are hurting themselves for no reason and Zayn who is in
    a position of power and is influential has not said anything regarding the
    issue neither one direction. I never liked one direction that much a few of
    their songs are ok. Totally lost all my respect. Some of the fandom is
    crazy and ‘cut4zayn’ is idiotic. I don’t care. There are bigger problems in
    the world like people dying. Grow the hell up and figure out what really
    matters. Hate this generation. 

  • HumongousTuna

    I really hope zayn realizes how much he hurt everyone with his leaving and
    comes back in a few months or sooner

  • Laura Currin

    It’s his choice but if he thinks he can just become a normal 22 year old
    he’s wrong. Paparazzi will follow him. Sorry Zayn.

  • dauntlessdollies

    If Zayn is happy, I’m happy. He deserves the best, so let him choose what
    he wants, but to the people hating on the fans for being upset, that is
    disturbing. We support these people, and they make us happy. A lot of us
    are going through a rough time, so the least you could do is nothing. Leave
    us alone. We support these boys and they do the same for us, so don’t hate
    us because we are upset. Zayn is happy, isn’t that important? We love Zayn,
    and shouldn’t be harassed by jerks on the internet or face to face! 

  • Teo Canmetin

    Harry wasn’t crying. Someone flicked something like an elastic band in his
    eye. Someone I know was at that concert near where this happened.

  • eddy wolfe

    It’s going to be okay guys! I’m pretty upset too, but yall are acting like
    he passed away. He is still alive and he is still pretty hot and that’s all
    that matters tbh. 

  • Issie Sinclair

    I cried again I just can’t handle it I love Zayn and I wish him luck for
    the future but this does feel like I’m losing someone important I know I
    didn’t know the Zayn personally but he kept me strong!

  • shakib rashid

    Reasons why I think Zayn will return to one direction:
    1. He’s gonna get bored and start missing the band more and more as each
    day goes by.
    2. If him and perry breakup hell literally have nothing to do and probably
    ask if he can rejoin.
    3. If he doesn’t rejoin the band, he’d probably make special guest
    appearances here and there

    Ps. whos going to sing his parts now in every song ? 

  • DontMind MyComment

    Before anyone starts hating on the fans please understand that many of
    these fans go through depression, self harming, family problems or even a
    deadly illness everyday. One Direction helps them other about the real
    world and make them happy. Their songs help people heal from all the damage
    of the past. One missing is like missing part of their lives because they
    always depended on these boys to help them get through. They were there
    when no one else was during the fans darkest days. PLEASE RESPECT THE FANS,

  • Katie Jo

    Hey Everyone. I just made a video about Zayn leaving. And advice to
    Directioners. Please check it out ^~^ would mean so much. Love to you all.

  • Tyler Frey

    Kevin left the backstreet boys. Then he came back after a few years and
    surprised everyone In concert. Wouldn’t be surprised if zayn missed the
    band and he came back in a couple years

  • Madison Zapf

    I just hope this doesn’t create a domino effect that ends the band. I love
    these boys more than I love anything else<3 ❤️ now Harry Liam Louis and
    Niall need our support more than ever 

  • jonezy rose

    i think the boy know about zayn that he is going to leave soon that’s why
    they named their album FOUR !! soooooooo sad !!

  • Ayen Aquino

    Sorry but Harry is not crying on their show on Jakarta. Someone threw a
    fudging hairclip on him. Louis was actually angry bc of that and he was
    kind of looking for the one who threw it. He couldn’t keep his eyes open
    that’s why he looked like he’s crying…