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  • madashell1200

    Fuck all the limp dicked pussies that thought this was racially motivated.
    You can’t say anything critical about the appearance of anyone who isn’t
    white? Fuck you. She looks like a female predator.

  • Ryuko Matoi

    Wait wait wait so when Joan Rivers said horrible and hurtful things about
    countless celebrities no one cares, but when Giuliana says one mean comment
    everyone freaks out?! Um…okay. BTW I love the type of hair but Zendaya
    looked like a mole rat. 

  • Tin Hunter

    Oh please..,,, racism only applies to this Disney black girl? they’ve made
    worst comments and its all for Fun! No need for an apology.

  • 112833leigh

    Nothing that was said was racist. Not everyone is going to like the things
    you do in life, get over it. People are ignorant, doesn’t mean she’s
    racist. I swear people make EVERYTHING involving black people out to be
    about race. The comment had nothing to do with the color of her skin.
    Blacks are not the only race to dread their hair :)

  • Hana T

    Of course she’s going to apologize; she in the public eye. But her apology
    was stupid, “I’ve learned so much today..” What? you learned that being
    racist is wrong and will get you into a lot of trouble? sure, still being
    ignorant in her apology. 

  • Valentino Guilot

    Here her real Quote not edited like in the show basically the E network
    trow her under the bus:

    “I love Zendaya’s style and I love when she has the little hair, she just
    had it. She has such a tiny frame that this hair to me overwhelms her, it’s
    really heavy it overwhelms her [and it’s just like too Boho. Zendaya is
    more high fashion. The hair to me, on her, is making her a little boho]
    like I feel like she smells like patchouli oil and weed

  • Rose Perumal Perumal

    Good you better be sorry idiot
    Why would you tell zendaya
    Bad things about her hair. Her hair is much prettier than yours guliana
    your hair feel like weed .

  • Shyann Paulin

    I love the fact that everyone is saying Zendaya overreacted. She has a
    right to. That comment was rude, it may or may not have been pointed to a
    racist angle but in my opinion it did. Kylie Jenner had dreadlocks and was
    praised on her hairstyle. But then Zendaya wears that and that comment is
    directed towards weed? Its as if you’re stating any black person were to
    wear it they’d smelled like that. If she didn’t mean it then why did she
    praise Jenner on her hair and not make a comment like that towards her.
    Zendaya should be allowed to overreact. 

  • Kayla Johne'

    Zendaya Didn’t Make A Big Deal About It In My Opinion. She Responded In A
    Very Mature Manner But What Giuliana Said Was Very Rude And Disrespectful.

  • virginia alexander

    ANOREXIC GUILIANA is saying Zendaya hair is dirty and stinks ! She spoke
    to all women of COLOR . ……….FIRE HER ASAP

  • Germaine Nimundele

    I think Zendaya is really mature and smart. I like the way she reacted to
    the comment. And i think Giuliana’s apology was sincere and Zendaya will
    forgive her for sure

  • artisticxheart

    I’ve never liked Zendaya. She has always seemed fake to me and I don’t
    think she should have got famous at such a young age. She’ll probably be
    like one of those Disney Stars that makes bad choices with their career
    later on. But back to the point. I think she overreacted and that’s
    understandable considering, she’s very young. She’s famous! She needs to
    get used to this criticism and she needs to learn that she can’t give
    everyone who bashes her attention. When you’re famous people are going to
    insult and bash you and she’s just got to ignore it and get over it.

  • Rae Lynn

    SHE was READING her “HEARTFELT APOLOGY”! If it was really heartfelt she
    would have went live and said it from the heart. Not wrote it, edited it,
    and then read live….from the heart. Chick please 

  • JellieBean23

    Zendaya overreacted, bringing race etc in to, it was a joke. How you wear
    your hair doesn’t represent a huge political statement, that’s just how you
    wear your hair! And Kelly Osbourne is stupid, she can’t even spell dragged

  • marisol cruz

    Lol all she said was her hair smells like oil and weed. And automatically
    turns into being racist?????? How tf. It could of been miley cyrus with
    dreadlocks and it wouldn’t of been turned into racist. Stop fucking turning
    everything to negative. I know what she said was rude etc. But she said
    nothing of her color or race. 

  • TanishaLive

    How does somebody automatically turn into a racist for talking about a
    particular hairstyle? I’m black and I didn’t take a offensive to this. Yes,
    what Giuliana said was very rude, but ‘could’ also apply to any race that
    wears deadlocks.

  • mssandi10

    The fact that this particular hairstyle is only referring to African
    American people… is racist….
    I had a Caucasian professor with dreads on.
    So the though of Gulliana statement being racist is ridiculous.
    She was offend because she is African american and is playing the victim
    If the star was German, would the world think it was racist or just

  • K- Ainmé

    As a black person I don’t think Giuliana was offensive or racist. I think
    Zendaya was over the top to make such a big thing about it, in a situation
    where she had everything to gain by playing a victim and Giuilana had
    everything to lose. *VERY clever PR move* by Zendaya’s team hence why she
    hasn’t responded to the apology yet, the longer this goes on the longer
    were talking about her! Congrats Z, you just got way more famous by
    destroying somebody else’s reputation – that’s show business!!!

  • al reyez

    i think she was not being racist, just saying that its not a look that she
    likes. Her stereotyping was bad but truthfully many people that have dreds
    are rasta and do smoke weed and use oils, not that there is anything wrong
    with that. She is entitled to her opinion, i personally would be proud of
    my hair and like weed and pachouli oil. 

  • Liz Bradford

    It’s not racist. Of course if G said it looked good on a Caucasian person
    would seem racist. It’s a hairstyle that even though originated in a
    certain race’s culture doesn’t make it a race thing. The comment was still
    a stereotype but, I mean, I know it was Giulianna but Joan has said much
    worse comments and no batted an eye. Yes it was the norm for Joan to do
    that but we shouldn’t get all insane over one comment made on a show that
    was known for shit like that. We can’t treat the show differently because
    Joan is gone.

  • BlueBird666

    I don’t understand what’s so offensive… i’m sorry can someone explain
    pls? I mean what she said wasn’t any harsher than other things they all
    said on the show 

  • Dante Everheart

    She apologized SINCERELY and if you STILL have negative things to say about
    Guiliana then there’s something wrong with YOU

  • Alycia Davis

    No offense and I’m not trying to be racist but the only reason that most of
    y’all are defending Giuliana is because you guys are white not trying to be
    racist or anything but yeah and that was racist and it was defensive and it
    was very rude of her to say that she should have thought about that before
    she put it there

  • iLindah

    she may not be “racist” but she is judgmental. anyone who is arrogant
    enough to go on international tv to trash someone is up for criticism, and
    judgement themselves. just desserts.

  • Eric Ezeokoli

    Is the White Woman racist? The Answer is clearly “NO” and Black People
    please STOP!!!!

    You have to understand the meaning of “Racism” and “Racists”.

    When a person ( Asian, Black American, Mexican American, Middle Eastern,
    New Delhi Indian, White Person etc. ) is in a position of Authority ( TV
    programs hiring Manager, Comedian Recruiter, Music Recording
    Manager/President, Apartment Renters, Medical School (MD) Admissions
    Manager/Dean, Law School (JD) Admissions Manager/Dean, Engineering School
    (D.Eng, for Doctor of Engineering Degree) Admissions Manager/Dean, and so
    on ) “refuses”, “refuses”, “refuses”, “refuses”, I said it 4 times for
    its importance here, to give an equal “Chance” to person of a different
    Race to do the same thing Other Races are doing, that is “RACISM”. The
    person that does this is called a “Racist”.It could be overt Racism when
    the Racist says “ I do NOT want those people to have the Chance for a
    decent living”.

    There are MORE good White people (70% of Whites) than there are good
    People in Black Americans (30% of Black Americans) or Asian Americans (20%
    of Asian Americans, try to apply for a job or Apartment when they are
    hiring Managers, or Apartment Managers you will see) or Mexican Americans
    (20% also ), New Delhi Indians (10%, try to apply for a job when they are
    hiring Managers, or Apartment Managers you will see). I am giving you the
    FACTS !! Every Human in USA knows this including Black Americans.

    There are wicked, evil people in all the Races ( Asian, Black American,
    Mexican American, Middle Eastern, New Delhi Indian, White Person etc. ). I
    am telling from experience. There are Black people that are so wicked they
    that they would NOT like other Black people to have the “Chance” for a
    decent living, by refusing to give the chance when they, ( wicked Black
    people) are in a position of Authority.

    When you see a “Racist” White person you will know because you will be
    so“stunned”, you immediately look for NAACP and other Civil Rights
    When a White person criticises a non-White person, it is NOT “Racism” yet.
    When the criticism continues to a point that the White person wants the
    non-White person to lose ( be removed, lose your job and pay etc ) for no
    good reason other than the White person does NOT like the non-White person,
    it is “RACISM”. Okay.

    Black People should WORK on Enforcing Affirmative Action Laws in Employment
    Sector and Academic Professional Admissions Sector (Medical School MD
    Admissions, Law School Admissions, Engineering School Admissions etc. ) by
    making sure the Census is 12% Black People, 65% White People etc. and half
    Male and half Female in each Racial group, that is of paramount importance.

    I mean, for example, Total Census of 200 people, 12% of 200 is (
    12/100)*200 = 24 Black People. Then half of 24 is 12 for black Males and
    another half of 24 which is also 12 for Black Females. The SAME rule
    applies in all Racial groups.

    Please leave the young lady ( Guliana ) alone. She is NOT a racist. She
    does NOT have to apologise for anything. 

  • chen laura

    Kelly Osbourne is so fake!! It is a joke which was scripted for god sakes!!
    Now she made such a big deal. What a dumb fat bitch. I look forward to
    seeing her leaving the show. She has zero original thoughts for this show
    anyway. At least Giuliana Rancic had the guts to take the responsibility.
    Which by the way, it’s a joke and it’s only “racist” when it’s also true!

  • Renee N.

    Let me get this straight. She works on a show that is based on a group of
    pretentious D-list celebrities and self-appointed gods of fashion, who look
    down at and cast judgments on other people’s fashion choices. This show is
    known for biting, mean-spirited attempts at humor at the expense of other
    people’s feelings in a glorified high school Mean Girls style. She makes a
    comment about a woman with dreads and snarks that she looks like a hippie
    (hence the patchouli reference) and people lose their fucking minds? People
    sure are selective with their moral outrage.

    P.S. It was scripted! Way to blow, E! Lovely of you to bail on your
    colleague like that.

  • lewis knight

    It’s funny you say one little thing people make a big deal. I think every
    gets the piss taken out them for the hair at one point 

  • machinedrum17

    white people: lol, when will the BLACKS stop being so sensitive. With their
    stinky dreadlocks, BO B MARLEY LOLOL
    black people: hey thats kind of racis-
    black person; white people love starbucks
    white people: Um excuse me? you can’t fight hate with hate sweetie :). stop
    the racism. EQUALITY. stupid niggers always being racist towards white ppl

  • Ace Man

    Zendaya is mixed and she looks more white than black. To everyone who is
    saying its racist I thought you couldn’t be racist towards whites? 

  • S.A Impavido

    Zendaya is a beautiful girl but she looks like she had old crusty vines
    growing or of her head….Giuliana’s comment was insensitive but this show
    is part fashion critiquing and part humor…I mean Joan Rivers used to say
    disgusting things and everyone laughed. But all in all I think Giuliani’s
    apology was sincere and people need to get over it. It was not racist
    people make everything into a…”its because I’m back” bullshit excuse. 

  • Lea Kahian

    I find that patchouli and marijuana both have a very pleasant smell and I’m
    not sure why they are being described as dirty and therefore Zendayas hair
    is dirty. Also if Kelly Osbourne felt so strongly about the comment why not
    make a fuss about it when it went down the comment was made and recorded 3
    separate times, she waited until shit hit the fan to threaten to leave the
    show? I find the whole thing ridiculous. 

  • Kyra Schaeffer

    I can see why Kelly O. sits in a chair and tells people what they can/can’t
    wear… she doesn’t know how to spell. Lol

  • Shirl Ali

    I think the whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. I still can’t
    figure out what was so harmful in what she said except for Zendaya’s
    feelings and if she’s going to be in the entertainment field she needs to
    get a back bone. At one time I worked in a restaurant that catered to kids
    from a major university…many had dreads and the Patchouli smell seemed to
    be the favorite among these and hippie style groups and many had the ‘weed’
    smell right along with it. I would associate it with an era not a
    race..these kids were of all colors. If you’re really concerned about
    racial things then quit calling each other names you would be appalled by
    if a white person said them…this racial shit runs 2 ways

  • Sebsty Animazer Desher

    I know Giuliana is a very genuine person and that she was deeply sorry. I
    mean, she is not racist, she didn’t really make a comment that was that
    racist at all. I know some people got offended by her comment and specially
    Zendaya. I know it’s their right to be offended, but I can tell that she
    was really sorry. She not only tweeted like most celebrities that think
    that that solves all, but she made a public apology on TV and took this in
    a very mature and polite way as the person Giuliana has always been.

  • Onkzee

    It wasn’t racist – just very distasteful.
    Kinda like those ‘jokes’ people make about Giuliana needing a sandwich.
    The reason why people are calling it racist is because apparently Kylie
    Jenner had dreadlocks for some photo shoot that she was doing. She posted a
    pic on Instagram. Giulianna was allegedly ranting and raving about Kylie’s
    faux dreads, calling them chic and edgy and all that jazz. People are mad
    because G was praising Kylie, but dissing Zendaya — for the same damn
    If anything, Kylie’s looked like they stink tbh