Embroidered Bridal Wear Dresses 2015 by Saira Rizwan
Being relatively new in comparison to other brands has not hindered the success that Saira Rizwan has been achieving since it started business in the year 2007. This brand has been successful in establishing itself and making a name for itself in the fashion industry of Pakistan. The name Saira Rizwan is all about everything fashionable when it comes to pret and couture wear for women. It has earned itself a spot in the running for the highly popular pret and bridal couture brands in the country. This high-end luxury label celebrates the traditional wear for the modern Pakistani women of today. Their product offerings include a diverse range of contemporary, fusion, traditional designs that are well presented on all of their dresses.

Saira Rizwan does not fail to highlight the exquisite cuts that religiously follow the latest trends in the fashion market. This label’s product portfolio includes Prêt, ready-to-wear Lawn, Formal and Bridal clothing. The talent, Saria Rizwan herself is well qualified and has proven she is here to stay through the launch of her independent label that made quite an impact on the hearts of her customers. Over the past eight years, this brand has been expanding gradually to become what it has today. However, from the year 2012, when this brand launched its flagship store and bridal studio in Lahore, it has started growing at a faster rate since the availability of its products have become easier to access for its customers.

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Saira Rizwan Stunning Bridal Wear Collection 2015

This brand has not only debuted in the Bridal Couture Week (BCW) in Lahore back in 2011 with its collection named ‘Jehan’ but has also continued to be on the runways and fashion shows throughout the country in the following years present collections like “Persian’ and ‘Tilkari’. Saira Rizwan also ventured into the world of designer lawn last year through the launch of a limited collection of ready to wear stitched lawn dresses which also gained popularity among its customers. Apart from the flagship retail outlet in the city of Lahore, the work of Saira Rizwan is available in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad and internationally in UK at Faiqa Karim, in Virginia, USA at Royal Gemz and in Texas, USA at Heritage S.


Her latest offering is the Embroidered Bridal Wear Dresses 2015 by Saira Rizwan  which features some stunning bridal and formal dresses best suited for traditional weddings and formal events. The work done on these individual dresses is praise worthy and it is quite visible to everyone that’s why it is being appreciated through one look at the collection. Most of the dresses in this collection comprise of softer tones even of darker colors while some dresses come in colors like plum, turquoise, green and warm shades of maroon and brown. The intricate embroidery done on these formal and bridal dresses are beautifully spread across the flawless fabric. These high-end dresses would prove to be the perfect choice for your big day or that of a loved one. Do not miss out on what this collection has to offer!












Embroidered Bridal Wear Dresses 2015 by Saira Rizwan

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Embroidered Bridal Wear Dresses 2015 by Saira Rizwan

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