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  • American Anime Girl

    I live in Phoenix and I saw the llamas in my car, I died of laughter
    because after we passed them I heard it on the radio! XD´╗┐

  • ForeverCClove

    White and gold is the dress brighter. Black and blue is the dress darker.
    So it’s neither because no one knows the ORIGINAL color of the dress.´╗┐

  • ikr khouloud

    where are people getting white and gold…and blue and black?! I see kind
    of a light baby blue color and gold.´╗┐

  • Lucas Monroe

    The designers released a statement. It’s blue and black. However, they’re
    coming out with a new white and gold dress. Also, with the rods and cones
    thing, if your rods have deteriorated, you see white and gold, meaning if
    you have good vision you see blue and black. This also means older people
    tend to see white and gold. Also, there were several images going around,
    not just the original. Some, like the first and second pictures you showed,
    were edited to appear lighter and look white and gold. Some, like the
    third, were edited to remove the backlighting and camera flash (which you
    can tell by the background) and are closer to how it would appear in real
    life. Long story short, it is blue and black! Also, check out the domestic
    violence against women ad using the dress. It asks why we can’t see black
    and blue. The answer? Because we cover it up with white and gold.´╗┐

  • Ruby Dragon

    I see it as blue and gold. I KNOW the ACTUAL DRESS is blue and black, but
    in this picture, I see blue and gold. No, I’m not colorblind, no, I’m not
    trolling, no, I’M NOT GOING INSANE. it’s just my eyes, and if you think I
    deserve to get shot for seeing something differently, then so be it. Call
    me insane for having different eyes and then say you’ll shoot your siblings
    for seeing it as white & gold/blue & black.´╗┐

  • jazer lockhart

    I saw gold and blue. Am I the only one? Anyway, someone actually said it
    was blue and black. I can’t remember whether it was the person who took the
    picture or the designer, but it’s blue and black ´╗┐

  • Millie Kettle

    No it’s blue and black… It was on the last leg and it was blue and
    black…. The dress designer even said it was´╗┐

  • Amy Palmer

    The dress is actually black and blue. It doesn’t matter if you see white
    and gold it was made in the colors blue and black. The science tells you
    why you see it differently. People are just fascinated by the fact everyone
    is seeing such a distinctive difference. The first time i looked at it i
    saw white and gold not long after that it was black and blue. ´╗┐

  • April N

    The actual dress is WHITE and GOLD. O M G COME ONNNN!!! There are three
    different photos that I saw, one was taken in the dark, so of course the
    darker color (the gold) is going to look almost black, and the white,
    because of the poor lighting is going to look like whatever tint the
    available lighting was. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen happen
    over the internet and I’ve seen some pretty stupid shit on here. Common
    sense people, that’s all. Where are my professional photographers at…?
    Shed some light please, because I’m about to go in on this whole
    situations. It’s greatly annoying and I want it off of my facebook and
    youtube and twitter and OMG just shut up about the dress color everybody!!!
    It’s an ugly ass dress anyway no matter what color it is. lmao´╗┐

  • haidhirsyaqimi

    Go Settings,accessibility then click invert colours BOOM You have black and
    blue dress

    PS: Apple user only´╗┐

  • Mervin Zielinski

    *my dad is an Optometrist (eye care professor) and says for those who see
    the dress White and Gold are color-blinded people. and the real color of
    the dress is Black and Blue*´╗┐

  • diy and Tutorials

    omg i am so confused my mom says she sees gold and white but my brother
    says he sees black and blue and every time is see the dress the first time
    i see gold and white and the i look away and turn back i see black and blue
    what is going on i am litterally going crazy.´╗┐

  • thedeliverypeson123

    Middle east: How can we stop ISIS?!
    Europe: How can we save our economy?!
    America: What color is this dress?!´╗┐

  • Dana Ward

    Things got WEIRD while I was reporting on #TheDress today for
    @ClevverNews. Thanks to +Joslyn Davis for the cameo too!´╗┐

  • daisygirl101

    The dang dress is white and gold!! I don’t get how the freak people see
    black and blue!!!! The dates is white and gold END OF STORY!!!´╗┐

  • Kassie446

    No matter how much I force myself to try and see blue and black I can’t.
    It’s simply white and gold to me. Yet, there are many people saying that
    it’s black and blue. I don’t know if they’re serious or trolling. #confused