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Bray Wyatt vs Erick Rowan: SmackDown, April 9, 2015


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  • Jason Norris

    Okay, I’m a little confused. He started using the “New Face of Fear”
    tagline as a run up to his match against Undertaker. But he lost to the
    Undertaker, kinda ruins the idea of “New Face of Fear”. Is WWE trying to
    ignore their screw up at Wrestlemania, in having him lose? Notice they
    didn’t say once that he lost to Undertaker.

  • Bork Lazer

    Glad they had Wyatt beat him clean. Laat time wyatt used emotion, this time
    it made wyatt look good. Rowan isn’t very good. I dont get why people like

  • christian valdivia

    Bray wyatt should be in a match againt rollins. Here s a tip, give wyatt
    some time off and wen make rollins challenge somebody for his wwe title
    then bray comes beats his ass. Seth rollins runs away and bray wyatt feuds
    with seth.

    Or make him and bo a tag team. And then start a feud between the two

  • reallydude111

    I wish the Wyatt family split would’ve developed into a storyline. It’s
    weird seeing them wrestle each other with no real reason as to why.

  • quint wily

    *sigh* And Erick Rowan loses again. Seriously, how does one go from be in
    the main event of one of the best PPV’s of 2014, to losing to Bray Wyatt,
    TWICE now?
    I mean seriously, everybody else on Team Cena has been thriving pretty
    good, I mean Dolph Ziggler and Ryback are both Upper-midcarders and are
    currently involved in storyline pertaining to the IC & WWEWHC titles
    respectively. Cena is the US Champion, and Big Show even though, no one
    likes him, has went one to win the ATGMBR. Yet Erick Rowan, not only is he
    barely managing to be on Superstars and Main Event now every time there’s a
    chance to make him look formidable the bookers decided to make him lose.

  • Dimitri Abdul Nour

    I feel like this match they had told more of a story than the last one, it
    was more extreme, more vicious and the ending was more psychological it was
    great :)

  • Brandon Vo

    bray wyatt is just sad now, he does nothing entertaining in my opinion,
    every one hates cena for doing the same moves, well look at bray, bray can
    beat a jobber, but he won’t win a big event.

  • New World Order

    The following announcement has been paid for by the new world order, maybe
    a wyatt family feud rowen vs harper vs wyatt

  • The Reality Era

    Wyatt Family was never really pushed. The Shield was, why not Wyatt Family?
    Bray is just having pointless matches with pointless feuds.
    Harper is a upper mid card jobber.
    Erick is a low mid card jobber..

  • christian valdivia

    To be honest wwe is starting to change the last couple of weeks after mania
    has been pretty good and i like how smackdown is becoming important again.
    Hopefully it keeps going cuz before mania all i watched was TNA, ROH, NJPW,
    LUCHA UNDERGROUND, AND NXT. Now im beginning to get into WWE again.

  • superA

    They could of made alot of good storylines for the wyatt family , but they
    didnt get the push they deserve like the shield,they are really talented
    and could make alot of good storylines with them even after the split up ,
    but its too late i guess.