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  • side2 Side

    don’t be stupid, for sure all photos should be retouched for all actors,
    singers, even politics and presidents, and that’s why the makeup artist
    exists. the camera shows the faults in each one of us when in front of the

  • Lari Carranza

    Beyoncé is beautiful with or without makeup, with or without retouches
    because she has something haters not: CONFIDENCE 

  • soum777

    for people who say these photos are fake, i say, have you ever seen a woman
    who put in her face a lot of makeup during several years and never damages
    her skins?? me, i never see one!! maybe woman who uses surgery and still
    that helps a moment

  • Keanu Aupiu

    Those photos are obviously fake. Anyone without a brain knows a wealthy
    person such as herself has had several cosmetic procedures done. Beyonce
    has and never will have wrinkles… Lol # flawless duh 

  • StefanieC.

    Pathetic attempt at discrediting someone before having all of your facts!
    What’s up with the thumbnail? You made it look like she’s missing teeth,
    just nonsense! Not to mention, who cares? She’s beautiful regardless. 

  • Lamont Williams

    This shit is fake Beyonce skin would never look like that people have seen
    her live and interviews and Ect she would not go to a shoot with her skin
    like that and fuck u l’Oreal Because I Know That Shit Is fake and u not
    sticking up for her but it’s ok most of us know it’s fake

  • Amy Dias Nogueira

    Lets be honest each and everyone on the planet has texture on their skin
    and little bumps, nobody’s face is as smooth as Beyonce’s face ALWAYS
    looks. I personally believe that the pictures are real however there are
    probably a good 3 or 4 studio lights surrounding her which are are
    EXTREMELY unflattering and can make her skin look a lot worse than it
    actually is. Plus the camera is so close to her face it’s not even funny
    and also who doesn’t have bad skin days?? Sometimes I wake up with a crap
    load of zits and other days my skin is clear as day, it’s life. However I
    don’t think she looks normal in these pictures, I do think her skin looks
    pretty bad but once again that is how close up the camera is, and the
    studio lights.

  • Joe Martinez

    Yo Hollywood life report on some real news I don’t think these celebrities
    give a fuck what you got to say about them. Or what’s up let me get a job
    stalking other people’s lives 

  • jordonia sharrard

    Who gives a flying fuck if she has a few bumps on her face, she’s Flawless,
    and I’ll always be on Team D!

  • chloe bee

    I don’t think you should be making a video about this.. It’s just going to
    get more attention on the subject.

    But she still looks perfect anyway, so what’s the point :p

  • Madison Marie

    Omg she is a regular human being and so is justin bieber like come on
    people. Just cause it’s says these are the untouched photos doesn’t mean
    they are and are probably fake.

  • Young&curious Lovee

    Or mayby she’s a human jus like us ??? Even is it was true, no-one perfect
    stop putting these people on pedalstoll make them look like god wen their
    shit stinks like the rest of us..beyonce is talented woman but she ain’t
    perfect either..

  • Nikki Covington

    Beyonce is going to start no matter what you critics say about her critics
    you don’t matter she makes billions of dollars she is a gorgeous girl and
    she always will be Beyonce’s this shit and critics are stupid and fucking

  • I'm Rick James Bitch!

    She worships the illuminati, so I could care less what she looks like or
    does. She can’t sing for shit and Rick James owns her in music.

  • xarios j

    beyonce look ugly without make up but so do 90% of women, men are better
    looking than women if you take off make up #fact

  • teeks madi

    that photo where it makes her look bad… yea its photo shop you can tell,
    i work part time a a photography place and it happens sometimes even to
    make fans diss the celebrity. your welcome 🙂 

  • Lari Carranza

    People are so disrespectful. So what if she doesn’t look “perfect” without
    retouches? Girls that are saying: ewww she looks ugly. When in reality
    they’re all thinking: I WANT TO BE HER! Like stfu if you want to criticize
    a woman that doesn’t look perfect for the first time in decades and what’s
    worst is that we don’t even know if the photos are real

  • sophie fitzpatrick

    Personally I think they’re edited and its just like when Kendall Jenner had
    been photoshopped to make it look like she had cellulite on her legs…
    People can be very harsh these days 

  • Boom Chicka

    With or without Photoshop I never thought Beyonce was as attractive as
    people make her out to be! An average looking woman to me, I see more
    attractive girls with half the make up at the mall. x

  • bieberxfazz

    they look fake.. in her 7/11 music video i’m pretty sure she wasn’t wearing
    makeup at some parts and her face didn’t look like this at all lol

  • Kendra Castro

    I think they’re hella fake . but tbh this pisses me off bc if you’re not
    sure if they’re real or fake, you shouldn’t post anything about it . 

  • miki heffernan

    Na these have been edited to look like this I went online did some research
    and I saw a photo of her that looked edited too plus I follow her on
    Instagram and her selfies look fine 

  • Brittany Brown

    Those photos were unreal cuz I’m frends wit the person who made them jk I’m
    not but I think they are fake

  • Sammie Tuzday

    I have to agree, even if those pictures are real; it doesn’t matter. She is
    only human and she is still Queen Be