Best Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial With Steps & Pictures

Doing smokey eyes is actually quite easy. Do not be intimidated by the dark perfection! Its not that hard to pull off. All you have to do is follow a few quick steps and you would be done in mere minutes! Smokey eyes have the versatility of being worn at most occasions when you go out and you can pull it off with almost every dress if you apply it the right way. One thing you should be careful about is not overdoing it. Because hey, you don’t want to end up looking like a panda! Best Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial With Steps & Pictures  will guide you through the whole thing in a breeze!

Smokey Eye Makeup Step By Step

Smokey Eye Makeup Step By Step

1- Prep Your Eyes


You do not want your dark smokey makeup smearing off so keep that from happening, you will first need to prime your eyes. Apply the primer over your eyelids and undereye area. Also apply a little bit of foundation over your lids. You can add a concealer to finish off the prepping job. Dust some translucent powder on your undereye area to catch any lose particles that threaten to fall.

2- Eye Shadow


First off, let me tell you that you don’t necessarily need to use black to get the job done. You may get creative and use shades like navy, brown, grey, forest green or plum etc. You may use a lighter and brighter shade near the inner corner of your eyes to make them pop out and more dramatic. Apply the dark shade in shape of a triangle at the outer corner of your eyes to make the job easy and blend it from your eyelashes to the crease. Use a angled brush to blend it along your lower lashes.

3- Eye Liner


Use a creamy dark/kohl eyeliner to draw a line on your upper lash line and halfway to your lower lash line. Make sure it is applied evenly so that no skin is showing between the lashes. Apply it in a cat-eye style for maximum impact. You may line your inner rim to give a frisky look.

4- Smudge



Now its time to smudge your work into perfection because there is nothing worse than harsh liner on a smoky eye. Use a smudge brush or q-tip to softly smudge the shadow and liner, giving your eyes a subtle feel. Work your way from out to in when doing this.

5- Define Your Eyes


Now you will apply the final layer of eyeshadow to make it neat. Just put a little more of the dark shade at the outer corners and a lighter, shimmery, preferably pearl or off-white around the inner corner of your eyes. Use a brush to diffuse the colors and make them look seamless. Also apply a little nude shimmer on your brow bone. Use a fan brush to catch any lose particles from under your eyes.

6- Finish Up


Now its time to finish up. Curl your lashes using an eyelash curler. You may heat it very slightly to shape them better but do not heat it up for more than 2 seconds against the hair dryer. Once your lashes are curled, apply a double coat of mascara to finish off the look.


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Best Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial With Steps & Pictures

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Best Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial With Steps & Pictures

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